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Top 5 Definitive Gaming Experiences this Gen

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User Info: Guide

4 years ago#41
No particular order:

1. Walking Dead: You cried, I cried, anyone with paternal instincts got it right in the heart.

2. TF2: For me, the ultimate game with friends. First time I really had a network and a team set up regularly, ready to play at any time, and it was always golden. Now if I could just fix my mic...

3. Braid: It has everything I could ever ask for in a puzzle platformer. It looks, sounds, and feels beautiful. The puzzles are clever, the few bits of a story you get are thought-provoking, and the big revelation never leaves you. Then there's digging deeper into those scraps of story, and a sad revelation there, too.

4. SF2HDR: New polish on an old game, but it heralded the revival of the fighting game scene, and the polish could have only come out of this gen. It was there when I was going through some rough times, something to dedicate myself to when I could have done nothing else. It was also the first time that I could see and feel the the fruit of hard work (seriously, certs and degrees have nothing on a newbie going online for the first time.) After a year of just getting your ass beat constantly, finally understanding and having your hands actually do what you want, and dominating someone else, that win feels the best. There's nothing like it.

Oblivion: This is what defined next gen for me. Being able to go anywhere and do whatever I want in such a developed world that -feels- alive, that responds to your actions. Remember seeing leaves sway in the wind? Jebus! Incidentally, I realize how much of a voyeur I was in this game. I've always been focused on stealth if given a choice, and being able to watch NPCs go about their business regardless of me, that was...entrancing. I spent way too much time doing that.
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User Info: Merc123

4 years ago#42
In no particular order for me

1. Mass Effect 1 - I would say i like 2 and 3 more, but Mass Effect 1 wowed me more at first for the story, gameplay and setting since it was all fresh. Almost put Dragon Age Origins here instead for the story and characters, it was close.

2. Bioshock Infinite - The game may be short, and just a shooter, but man the setting and story is just so top notch and captivating, the game is an experience from start to finish

3. Red Dead Redemption - Also got on a whim, it was so open, had a great story and for a first an amazing western game, it really nailed what it was trying to do and i loved it.

4. Fallout 3 - Also on a whim, knew nothing about it or what it was supposed to be but i soon fell in love with the weapons, theme, music and open world DC

5. Gears of War - not a huge fan anymore but Gears 1 was crazy, the graphics were downright amazing, the game was fun and it had awesome co-op.

User Info: huerito323

4 years ago#43
Fallout 3
Tomb Raider
Mass Effect
Dark Souls

Honorable mentions: L.A Noire, The Darkness 1&2, Fable 2, F.E.A.R

User Info: holodeus

4 years ago#44
Custer's Revenge
Muchi Muchi Pork / Ibara

The best experiences I've ever had in this generation ( Yup, Pong has less bugs than Skyrym and Custer's Revenge is more sexy than Call Of Duty).

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User Info: Atalalama

4 years ago#45
Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward
Infinite Space
Ys: The Oath in Felghana
Ni no Kuni

User Info: DrFeelgood1984

4 years ago#46
Red Dead Redemption
Arkham Asylum
Call of Duty (CoD4/Black Ops)
Gears of War 1/2/3

User Info: BigSaltyDookie

4 years ago#47
1. Red Dead Redemption - Amazing game and quite possibly my favorite ever. Never get tired of it to this day.

2. Mass Effect series - Such a great story and amazing characters. Just love the universe it's in and everything about it.

3. Left 4 Dead series (especially the first game) - Easily my favorite multiplayer series. Some of my best gaming memories are from playing that first L4D game co-op in Versus with friends and even strangers. So much fun.

4. Uncharted series - Just a fun series with great characters and a ton of action. Basically like playing movies.

5. Batman Arkham series - Best superhero games ever. Love both of them. Great acting too.
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User Info: Halo_Forever

4 years ago#48
Five isn't going to cut it.
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User Info: CalgaryMaverick

4 years ago#49
1) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
2) Mass Effect 2
3) Uncharted 2
4) Red Dead Redemption
5) Halo 4
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User Info: BatmanVonDoom

4 years ago#50
Mass Effect 1 (2 and 3 were nowhere near as good)
Batman Arkham games
Fallout NV
Alpha Protocol
Metro 2033
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