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What was your coolest Battlefield moment?

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User Info: Trugamer

4 years ago#31
Finishing a game of BC2 Arica harbor Rush with the same tank I started without being a tank sniping puss thanks to some godly engineers and epic crazy tactical tank driving.
I had over 50 kills no deaths just totally insane.

User Info: Jpsyence77

4 years ago#32
2 Moments

1) I was sniping in a field on Caspian Border. A skilled pilot landed, rolled the plane over me, killing me, and promptly taking off again to kill more of my teammates. I couldn't stop laughing. Wish I was that skilled.

2) Was running from base to another. A fighter jet flies over my head. Crashing a few few behind me. As I turn to see what just occurred. The pilot who tried to ram the jet at me, parachutes in killing me with a knife. Again...wish I had that kind of skill. :)

User Info: Brass_Eye

4 years ago#33
When I bought it for the PC.
My last signature was modded.

User Info: SolidStryder

4 years ago#34
Brass_Eye posted...
When I bought it for the PC.

Ouch, must have been expensive upgrading your system.

User Info: FedoraDExplora

4 years ago#35
No singular moment sticks out, but I have an unhealthy obsession with rigging random buildings with c4 and triggering it when enemy forces raid them, lmao.
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