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Why aren't more people buying their Xbox 360 games digitally?

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User Info: RubMyDucky

4 years ago#41
I've purchased over 300 games digitally, but I can only install half of them due to HDD drive...
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User Info: Jamanjax

4 years ago#42
Perfect Light posted...
Because I like actually owning my games.

This. The moment the industry takes the leap to digital only is the same day I jump ship.
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User Info: JanayBerry

4 years ago#43
TBD2009 posted...
Not everyone has a 1Tb+ hard drive in their Xbox 360 to store digital copies of all the games they want to buy.

If EVERYONE was buying strictly digital copies of their games, they'd only buy at most twenty games... and that's it (since you'd run out of room on the standard 120Gb drive)... maybe thirty on the 250Gb HDDs with their slims.

So, by your logic of "buying digital games", they'd only make money off of thirty games... and that's it. Most people I know have bought dozens of games (brand new at retail prices) for their 360... far more than the 20~30 games you'd be able to store on your console.

Not to mention the hassle of having to delete games, to buy and download new games, and the risk of losing some of your games forever, once LIVE stops supporting the ability to download your game library from the marketplace.

Add to it, the fact that not ~all~ games are immediately (if at all) added to the "Games on Demand" service, to be bought digitally. So... what about that? Would you rather people not buy the game ~at all~, versus buying the disc?

Horrible idea, Solnot. Horrible idea. At least with the current system of people buying disc copies of the game, the developers are still getting paid, people get to play the games as much as they want, and if they decide to, they can sell those games and get back some of the money they spent on said game.

Our current system isn't so bad as people try to make it out to be.

I recently bought a 320 gig hard drive. My 250 gig had 188 games last time I checked, and 23 were full Games on Demand. With my 320 gig, I downloaded 11 more GoD titles during those sales a month ago, and still have just above 100gb remaining.
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