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Shameful gaming secrets

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User Info: Guide

4 years ago#41
From: KCJ5062 | #038
I've never played Chrono Trigger. Which is often considered one of the greatest games of all time.

Gonna be honest: It's only ok.

I think it made a splash only because it was so much more interactive than the very static and stale rpg formula so popular at the time, and "time travel" is a cool gimmick Also, art by Akira Toriyama.

So it's decent, but nothing to foam at the mouth for.
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User Info: Roldrage

4 years ago#42
I have never played a Zelda game and I have no desire to do so.

Also I'm a northener and say mum... Just throwing that out there.
Life is overrated.

User Info: fiasco86

4 years ago#43
I've never played a Metal Gear Solid game.

And I like the stealth/action genre.
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User Info: fiasco86

4 years ago#44
level_5 posted...
I haven't beat a console Zelda game since OoT (I did beat A Link to the Past on GBA)

I haven't finished a Mario game since Mario 64

I have never played a Metroid game on a console (played Fusion and Hunters)

I never got past the Carnival level in Sonic 3

Wow. Exactly all of those for me too except for having beat Link to the Past. No joke.
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User Info: cosmic300xt

4 years ago#45
I'm gonna win this topic:
I bought Britney's Dance Beat when it came out and invited my friends to come over and play it with me.

User Info: Solid_Snake124

4 years ago#46
SunDevil77 posted...
Hi...I am SunDevil77...and I have a shameful gaming secret.

....I bought Dragon Age 2 at the midnight release.

Placed one missed call to heaven

User Info: BellerophonZ

4 years ago#47
I've never ever played a Legend of Zelda game or Final Fantasy game.
Master Bumper

User Info: Norlout

4 years ago#48
I dislike Blizzard,EA,Bioware and Bethesta.
And i also think that Esports or gaming tournaments like playing Starcraft,League of Legends,Call of Duty,StreetFighter and win money is the most lame thing ever and i think all of the people participating as losers.

User Info: SixSixSevenEigh

4 years ago#49
nazacuckoo posted...
FedoraDExplora posted...
I used to love struttin' around Stilwater as a naked woman in Saints Row 2 >_>

That's not something to be ashamed of. It's proof your not gay. If your a dude, that is.

Do you even know what homosexuality is?
"If you're going to kick authority in the teeth, you might as well use two feet"
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User Info: Pudgeisafish

4 years ago#50
One time while playing Blast Corps. for the N64 I was sooo close to scoring a gold medal, on a stage I had been playing what seemed like forever trying to master it, and failed sooo close to earning it and rage ripped my favorite red controller in half.

Yeah, I am soo ashamed of owning the N64...
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