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Shameful gaming secrets

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User Info: nova_pilot

4 years ago#51
I play lots of RPG...never played a final fantasy game xD

User Info: couscous625

4 years ago#52
i was really pumped up for The Old Republic so i had it on pre-order from i think amazon or something, then, the day before it comes out i realizing that i woudlnt be able to play it untill it came in the mail days after release, i bought a digital version so i could play right away, never got around to sending that other copy back, and i have it sitting on a shelf, still in packaging, mocking me whenever i see it.
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User Info: Starman49843

4 years ago#53
I pick my nose and eat my boogers during load screens. I don't even know how average people who don't pick their noses keep from having their noses completely clogged.

While playing FFXIII I would often go near a wall and then struggle with the camera to try to get panty shots. I'm convinced the game knows this cos it usually lets you get SOOOO close, so you really have to work at it.

While playing DQVIII I would control Jessica and have her run against a wall while pointing toward the camera. I would usually go do "the deed" afterwards. And I even had porn readily available, so it wasn't out of desperation. Just something about a redhead with pigtails whose boobs are so close to bursting out of her shirt. Then afterwards I felt like I could NOW play the game free of any distractions for the rest of the day.
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User Info: BatmanVonDoom

4 years ago#54
Overburdened posted...
Crisis_UK posted...
Overburdened posted...
Was 'mom' a typo, just weird hearing people from the uk say that :p

lol I was wondering if someone was going to pick up on that. I usually say mam but last time I posted it I got laughed at :P

I'd say mam is welsh or up north.

Hell no.

The normal northerners say mum
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User Info: justdontask

4 years ago#55
i like having tutorials in my games... kinda like how i wouldnt dare pilot a plane without being taught first, or attempt skydiving without someone telling me how to open the parachute... but thats somewhat off topic...

i dont give a flying **** who makes games, as long as the game is good...

when playing co-op games (or even vs games, i will admit it) i prefer splitscreen, because i am a screenwatcher... and it ticks me off when i play co-op and the other player doesnt screen watch... dude, we are on the same team, if you wanna help, look at my freaking screen every once in a while, dont ask stupid questions....

if i think of more i might post em...
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User Info: DCarnage

4 years ago#56
I buy nearly every good game that comes out. Because of this, I play them all on easy so I can experience the game, beat it and move on to the next one. I currently have about 40 still sealed games because I'm still playing through others...

User Info: ArthasReborn

4 years ago#57
I've never gotten past Disc One on Final Fantasy VII. Quite a large number of those "best game of all time!" games, I've never beaten or just didn't get very far past the beginning.

User Info: metalmariolord

4 years ago#58
I complain of games I never played.
Do you judge games by graphics and not gameplay?Only like realistic games?

User Info: metalmariolord

4 years ago#59
metalmariolord posted...
I complain of games I never played.
Something like this

Sorry for double post, can't edit yet.
Do you judge games by graphics and not gameplay?Only like realistic games?

User Info: SparkItUp

4 years ago#60
SunDevil77 posted...
Hi...I am SunDevil77...and I have a shameful gaming secret.

....I bought Dragon Age 2 at the midnight release.

you are forgiven my child, at least it wasn't Aliens: Colonial Marines.
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