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Anyone know if gamefly is truly worth it?

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  3. Anyone know if gamefly is truly worth it?

User Info: SparkItUp

4 years ago#11
it's worth if you live near a distro center and can get the quick turn around.
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User Info: RycerX

4 years ago#12
ZDT_Leader posted...
Is there an option for extended trial? I remember it saying you enter a code. But I only see the 10 day one.

And that sounds kinda odd with the list and availability thing.

There might be, I never really looked into the promotional codes. I know that if you cancel, they'll start offering your special prices to sign back up.

User Info: Xechs

4 years ago#13
It's one of those services you just have to try. The biggest deal breaker is the turnaround times. If you have good turn around you can probably get what you want with 1-2 games out if it's longer turnarounds you have to invest more games out at a time plan and by then the service is adding up to purchasing prices and no longer a good deal. On the site it lists 2-4 days average for one way so that's 4-8 days turnaround (hence why 2 out is a good deal so you have another one coming as you send one back). It can be shorter if you have a PO that supports the scan option where they send you next one after it's scanned for 2 day wait which is the most ideal it can get.

I've literally been near a place that supports PO scans and got games in 2 days with 1 game out a plan and it was a great deal and was with the service for 2 years. I moved to a place with 8 days (4days one way) turnaround so had to get 3 out at a time plan to even get 3 games which was bad deal. So yeah. It's definitely a YMMV service.

I just gave up on it due to shipping and DD prices being dirt cheap (lots of key and code sites selling cheap) and most 5-10 hour games are already $4 for weekend at redbox and so if I play 3 short games a month I only spend $12 which is cheaper then gamefly already. Then again I'm a new gameplayer any old games I care about I likely own so redbox is more for me, but gamefly is great for backlogues. Ranka-Macross Frontier
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  3. Anyone know if gamefly is truly worth it?

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