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Whats the best game soundtrack you've ever heard?

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User Info: iBlackice25

4 years ago#181
Skyrim and Kingdom Hearts 2 definitely belong on the list.
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User Info: KtuluheroII

4 years ago#182
Castlevania Symphony of the Night
Child of Eden
Final Fantasy XI
Megaman 2
Donkey Kong Country 1/2
DMC Evolution:

User Info: MajorHoppy

4 years ago#183
The only one that really come to mind is the soundtrack for Sonic Adventure 2: Battle for the GameCube. I know that sounds weird but until I come up with something else this will have to do.
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User Info: mikelight77

4 years ago#184
FF VII or FF Tactics

Probably Tactics top to bottom, but VII has some of the best tracks.

User Info: Vertanius

4 years ago#185
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User Info: MasterLink2012

4 years ago#186
Donkey Kong Country 2 :)

User Info: MettanAtem

4 years ago#187
Phantom Brave.
My favorite soundtrack of all time.

User Info: Tkmajing

4 years ago#188
Dark Souls
What in the name of?

User Info: Sir_Specter

4 years ago#189
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend

OP, how could you forget about this song:
The BlazBlue series has the best music of any game I've ever heard by far. So much rock!

User Info: couscous625

4 years ago#190

and half life 2
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