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We pay for Xbox live and yet we get ads?

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User Info: SoBE_No_Fear

4 years ago#81 on the dashboard? shut that hole in that face and take it like a MAN!! But seriously if it bothers you go eat a brownie while the ad plays or whatever
Your pretty face is going to hell...
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User Info: PutHaggarInSF

4 years ago#83
we pay for cell phone service and get ads. We pay for cable TV and get ads. Marn liiiiike Gamertag: aGeorgeDivided

User Info: Akaimizu

4 years ago#84
PutHaggarInSF posted...
we pay for cell phone service and get ads. We pay for cable TV and get ads.

I guess you didn't read many of the posts already mentioned in this thread. The correllation of what you said and Xbox Live is not the same thing.

Here. I'll sum up.

Cell Phone service is the whole connection for which it is possible for us to actually connect on the internet. Cable TV is the whole connection for which is it possible for us to get tv programming over lines.

The Ads for Cell Phone are not from the Cell phone itself, it is from 3rd party companies that make its profit from ads. Thus why you don't get ads for actual system services on the Cell Phone. Just the 3rd party apps and sites on the internet. Places you don't pay for but they make money off the ads. For all purposes, they basically operate on a freemium model. Thus why many have an option to pay money so that you have an ad-free version.

Cable TV channels with ads are ones you don't specifically pay for as those channels still make revenue off of ads. They don't get paid the kind of money to keep them on the air. Maybe some license fee from the cable company, but no real operating fees come from your money. Cable TV channels you specifically pay a service to, don't have ads, because their whole service is getting paid by the customers.

Xbox Live doesn't provide you the connection to communicate. That's up to your internet provider. Xbox Live is more akin to a paid TV channel that runs on the internet. Operating costs are coming directly from the user. The issue with these ads are because of *where* it is happening. There's no issue if it was happening on 3rd party freemium games or apps, which may have been designed to make their money off the ads. There also would be no issue if these ads were only when you entered the Marketplace. It would be precisely there where you'd completely expect to see these ads. Why? Because you're shopping, and that is a decent way to inform the shopper what's out there and available on the platform.

However, these ads are on the system itself whether or not you even enter a marketplace store or not. You get them just by starting up the system. And, to a degree, are even a performance hit on Xbox live itself. Notice how things have gotten slower to navigate just using the console, or even just to start up and connect?

While I haven't really gotten that aggravated with them, myself. I can see the point of those who are already having issues with it.
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