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What's your favourite Boss fight of all time in a video game?

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User Info: RPGNinja123

4 years ago#41
Ornstein and Smough and Gwyn from Dark Souls
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User Info: SirLemont

4 years ago#42
Super Shredder
Not the hardest boss, but one of the most fun (and has one of the best end boss themes of all time).

User Info: Rome218

4 years ago#43
docholliday504 posted...
Rome218 posted...

I just saw a youtube video of someone TKOing Mike Tyson in the 2nd round. The dude made it look so easy, lol. I remember it was my friend's game genie, and we were both taking turns and it took us a long time to beat him.

That dude on youtube is a pro or something.

Could this be a hack? It's definitly possible to knock him out 2nd round but I don't know how he survives the punch at 0:31. I'm pretty sure in the original game, Tyson's uppercuts in the 1st 1:30 of the 1st round are 1-punch knockdowns regardless of blocking. But I could be wrong. I never fought him using ducks or blocks (I'm a dodger) before so I don't know if that makes a difference. He (or she?) mentions that the block saved him in the description.

I was thinking the same thing. I recall getting knocked down when an uppercut struck me almost every time. Maybe it was just blind luck. I don't want to take anything away from someone if they are legit, especially when I have really nothing to based that off except that I found this boss hard as hell.

The description says this:
Probably one of the toughest bosses in a game ever, managed to beat Mike Tyson in a Round 2 TKO on Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! The first 1:30 in Round 1 is all 1 hit KO punches thrown by Tyson, the only reason I survived the hit is because I managed to block just in time. Once you survive that, it gets a bit easier, but luckily I TKO'd him before the 3rd round where he is very random.

So I am just going to give the man the benefit of the doubt. He must have played this game for years, I don't know how anyone can wipe the floor with Mike Tyson, but I don't believe it's impossible.
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User Info: docholliday504

4 years ago#44
SirLemont posted...
Super Shredder
Not the hardest boss, but one of the most fun (and has one of the best end boss themes of all time).

Iwas thinking Shredder and Krang from the original arcade Ninja Turtles. I remember beating that game when I was maybe 8 with three other kids at a Chuck-E-Cheese. it was quite the experience.
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User Info: crazymerio

4 years ago#45
BatmanVonDoom posted...
Mr Freeze from Batman AC HAS to be up there.

I really should play RE4 someday, had it on my GoD for a year but the whole stand still while shooting thing put me off.

I still don't get why people like that fight.
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User Info: MostlySlowJoe

4 years ago#46
Vance!!!!!¡¡¡!!! he betrayed me ME

I like killing alex in prototype 2 also...

The rest I enjoyed have pretty much been covered by everyone else.

User Info: legolas95

4 years ago#47
I loved fighting Zeus in GoW3
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User Info: metaldiggle2

4 years ago#48
Metroid Prime from Metroid Prime.

Runner up:

Majora from Majora's Mask.
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User Info: JanayBerry

4 years ago#49
"Trance Kuja" from "Final Fantasy IX".

The music...oh my god... The music!
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User Info: pakathecat

4 years ago#50
Ganondorf and Ganon in Zelda:TOoT
The fake final boss (the dragon) in Dragon's Dogma. All the oversized baddies in that game are fun to fight, but that one was particularly epic.
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