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What was the first Xbox game you played...

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User Info: Cheyguy1211

4 years ago#1
and do you still own it?

My first was Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, and I don't have the heart
to return it.
I also still have to beat it. I'm stuck.

User Info: SSJGrimReaper

4 years ago#2
Original Xbox? Jet Set Radio Future, it came with the system.
360? Gears of War 1

I still own JSRF but not Gears 1.
Big Apple, 3 A.M.

User Info: chuckboston2k3

4 years ago#3
360 = Kameo
OG Xbox = Rainbow Six 3
Gaming since the early 80's
XBL: DrHeinzDoof PSN: OptimusDad

User Info: Cheyguy1211

4 years ago#4
Oh, my bad. I forgot to say 360.
However, you can post both.

My original Xbox game was also JSRF and I wish I still had it...

User Info: Neo1661

4 years ago#5
Batman Arkham Asylum

User Info: RollnThunder213

4 years ago#6
Gears of War
"No control beyond these skies"
GT: RollnThunder213

User Info: Infinite 2003

Infinite 2003
4 years ago#7
Call of Duty 2. It was my friends copy but I own it now.
Go Habs Go!

User Info: dmx4940

4 years ago#8
Xbox - halo
360 - pgr

User Info: Smakkyoface

4 years ago#9
XBOX - Halo
360 - Call of Duty 2
Xbox Live / PSN / Steam: Smakkyoface
i7 3770k @ 4.66ghz, 24GB DDR3 1600, Evga Gtx 670 FTW.


4 years ago#10
ugh..........Perfect Dark Zero
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