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What was the first Xbox game you played...

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User Info: GoodJobEinstein

4 years ago#101
first was GTA IV and I dont have it because i (my opinion) thought that it sucked

User Info: SteadyingMeat

4 years ago#102
360 - Kameo. I don't have it anymore.
Original - Conker Live and Reloaded. I don't have it anymore.
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User Info: MrZeldaNerd

4 years ago#103
Xbox= Halor or JSRF I still have them somewhere
360= Armored Core 4 sadly this was one of those was able to get the system buy no game deals. it was rented.
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User Info: reiko sawamura

reiko sawamura
4 years ago#104
Xbox: Dead or Alive 3
360: Rumble Roses XX
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User Info: -Demonic_Dante-

4 years ago#105
First Game I played was Perfect Dark Zero and never owned it or wanted it

First game I owned was either Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter or Dead Rising
I still own Dead Rising

User Info: heatseekers

4 years ago#106
i played it on my friends xbox, so i technically never owned it but i did buy a copy to play and still own that
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User Info: singhellotaku

4 years ago#107
Perfect Dark Zero

User Info: 8492nd_Squadron

4 years ago#108
Skate 3
still own it.
still played it.

User Info: enrimel

4 years ago#109
360: Bayonetta
GT: Enrimel

User Info: Zrodeath

4 years ago#110
Call of Duty Modern Warfare
wasnt mine but it was the firs game i ever played on it since i used to only have PS3
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