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20 + Years of Gaming could be coming to an End for ME ???

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User Info: RKOMe2011

4 years ago#1
People, hard to believe I have been playing videogames since 1982 My 1st console was the Wooden Panel Atari 2600 which is still in my closet collecting dust.

Hard to imagine after everything, I have seen, played & all those games I have beaten over those years could all be coming to a grinding halt cause of Generation 8 Restrictions & Requirements such as ALWAYS ONLINE.

It isnt about Gaming anymore they arent even Gaming consoles anymore they are an Entertainment Device & pretty soon Gaming will be Scattered through the winds & cease to be non realevent.

I do realize that the gaming industry is always imrpoving evolving, going to the next stage of evolutiuon, but many of us do not have the access to enjoy that evolution.

Not all of us can do an ALWAYS ONLINE CONSOLE such as the 720-Durrango will be,
Didnt Microsoft learn anything from the failure of SimCity Earlier in the year. ALWAYS ONLINE dosent work & will not work.

Also are you kidding me Installation of games required, Kinect 2.0 Required, Hey Microsoft Why not just use my DNA like a Fingerprint or Have a Device that would Lazer Print your Retinal Signature to verify your ID.

Everything but you DNA & Urinal Sample, It isnt about Gaming anymore it is about the TECH, I hate Gaming anymore ALWAYS ONLINE, MMOs, F2P, Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, ETC.

Me, I love my games, I dont want my progress tracked, I dont care what others think of how I play or need something to suggest what I DLC. I pick out what I wanna DLC not a machine I make my own choices.

I love playing games OFFLINE + Games with SP Modes Long Campaigns 20+ Hrs of Story, then they continue with DLC Add-Ons which I like doing DLCs.

But I hate & Despise anything like ALWAYS ONLINE, MMOs and anything associated with that.

Me, I l am a Gamer, & I want a console that will play these games, OFFLINE, or Online if I choose to do so, not ALWAYS ONLINE ALL THE TIME. This is nuts & beyond insane.

I guess I will not be getting Generation 8 & This will mark my final Generation with my Historic 20 Years of Gaming now coming to a grinding Halt.

Wii U nothing is going on it, & no one is making anything for the console while the Playstation 4 will be way way overpriced.

But at least I can play my Nintendo 3DS, & PS Vita they are for gaming & you can also play them OFFLINE. Unlike the 720.

Thanks Microsoft for ruining & making this my LAST GENERATION.

User Info: The_Dark_Slay3r

4 years ago#2
Too bad.

User Info: sunK1D

4 years ago#3
Why did I think you were gonna talk about Mass Effect...

User Info: PeteZaHutx

4 years ago#4
I own all consoles and i like them all but i mained the PC and PS3 this gen and usesd the 360 to played the better optimized multi plats and to play with friends.This decision doesnt affect to me much but im sorry to hear your situation TC.

I might do the same next gen if always online is true.

User Info: BrutalBrocken

4 years ago#5
You know I owned my 1st console in 1987 and I don't plan on slowing down, all I hear now is alot of complaining on rumors.
No one knows what the PS4 is priced at, so why complain its overpriced?
I still haven't heard anyone from Microsoft say, "Yes you have to have a constant internet connection and yes it will; not play used games."
Why throw in the towel over rumors? Wait to hear something official, most likely E3, before you say screw it
1 Brocken to rule them all!!
XBOX- Brutal Brocken PS3- BrutalBrocken

User Info: The-Juggla

4 years ago#6
I'm sure everyone's lives will be a little darker knowing that you will no longer be playing console games. You could at least wait for real info on the consoles before complaining about them.

Not Vengeance. Punishment.
PSN: TheJuggla / GT: xlTheJugglalx

User Info: CapwnD

4 years ago#7
Holy f***ing drama queens on this site.
Death to Videodrome, Long Live the New Flesh

User Info: teehee23

4 years ago#8
I have so many original Xbox and 360 games that I have barely played to last me 25 years= so nice.
Don't hate us because we're beautiful...

User Info: BrutalBrocken

4 years ago#9
CaPwnD posted...
Holy f***ing drama queens on this site.

its been bad this week. But it does waste time at work for me to make quick comments
1 Brocken to rule them all!!
XBOX- Brutal Brocken PS3- BrutalBrocken

User Info: Wreck_Chords

4 years ago#10
Chill out lol. At worst, ill buy a ps4. Not that I hate play station, I just love Xbox, but always online, even despite the few times it would only affect me, I just would not like the always online aspect so it would really turn me off as well.
GamerTag: Sic DieshinZ
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