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What game would be a next generation system seller to you?

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User Info: BrutalBrocken

4 years ago#1
Like the topic says, which game would they announce that would make you instantly preorder or day 1 buy a next gen console?
1 Brocken to rule them all!!
XBOX- Brutal Brocken PS3- BrutalBrocken

User Info: BrutalBrocken

4 years ago#2
For me it would be Shenmue 3, they could tell me the new Xbox is always on, doesnt play used games, and takes naked pictures of me while I sleep. But I would be 1st in line to get 1 once I hear Shenmue 3
1 Brocken to rule them all!!
XBOX- Brutal Brocken PS3- BrutalBrocken

User Info: Overburdened

4 years ago#3
Halo kitty.

But really, I don't know.

Skate 4
Psi-ops 2
Crappy spelling due to my iPod.
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User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#4
I got my Wii U due to Bayonetta 2, Super Smash, Nintendoland, ZombiU, and the obvious Metroids, LoZ, Pokemon, etc.

Got my 3DS for Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Luigi's Mansion, etc. (Nintendo is making soo many good games right now)

Got my vita for Persona 4 Gold

I'm hoping PS4 will get Little Big Planet 3 mostly. Maybe a Ni No Kuni 2, some JRPGS and whatnot.
I hate listening to dreams. It's like flipping through a stack of pictures. If I'm not in any of them, and nobody's having sex, I just...don't care

User Info: tremble1476

4 years ago#5
Alan Wake 2
Forza Motorsport 5
XBLGT- Banandon
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User Info: BatmanVonDoom

4 years ago#6
Lost Odyssey 2 or a Mistwalker game in general would make me buy a next gen console.
"I'm not even remotely willing to talk about the other 50%, Because I AM NOT A ROBOT" ~ Lunar Cobain 2004

User Info: SubSeenix

4 years ago#7
Nearly everything every 1st and 2nd Party Dev from Sony can announce and of course a good Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts(Exclusive for PS4 is possible but will buy it anyway on PS4 even if Multiplat).

Nintendo has my attention already but i will wait till the end of the Gen when the console is available for around 100€.

Microsoft - Not a single game could get me interested again in any of their products.
Mistwalker won't work for them anymore(they only had a 2 game contract and said after that they never wanted to work with them but needed money to raise the studio) and otherwise no one will be so stupid and betray Sony again for except maybe time exclusives and probably not even that after what happened to most of those games in this Gen.

User Info: Hucast9

4 years ago#8
- Knights of the Old Republic 3
- Phantasy Star On-line 3

User Info: Shy420

4 years ago#9
Thief has instilled and interest in the PS4 that was previously missing.

Now a game that would make me buy a next gen system without hesitation, a new Suikoden or Half-Life 3.
I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered! My life is my own.

User Info: TheBlueStig

4 years ago#10
I don't buy systems just for one game, never have, never will.
"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
Ben Franklin
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