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People will buy 720 anyway even if it has always online required

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User Info: Ryu X

Ryu X
4 years ago#1
Almost everyone already has their 360 connected to xbox live all the time when their xbox is turned on as it is now. So I don't even see how it is an issue all this complaining about required always online when people right now have their system connected to xbox live whenever its on right now.

I guarantee people will buy 720 to play Halo 5, or the next CoD. Having an always on connection isn't much different then what people do now.

User Info: thefabregas22

4 years ago#2
I won't. Also my 360 is never online because Im not paying money for a stupid wireless adapter. And I use my Ethernet for my pc. Also cods a pretty bad example game because you could get it on Wii u pc or ps4 as well. Also I'm not a big fan of halo so I defo won't be getting it till it gets worthy exclusives
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User Info: xHOJUx

4 years ago#3
Maybe a lot of people will, but I can only speak for myself, and there's is no way I'll buy a console with an online requirement. Especially with PS4 not requiring one. There are enough games these days to do without the few exclusives left like Halo.

It seems like every gen or two the company on top makes arrogant mistakes thinking they can do no wrong, and every time it bites them in the ass.

User Info: KOTRwhoops

4 years ago#4
I really won't buy this console if it is always online, I wasnt planning on getting it before these rumours due to the direction the 360 is going. Eg - emphasis on Kinect, lack of varied exclusives in the latter years of its life cycle and adverts added to a service I pay for (not for much longer though, my current sub is my last). Just to name a few of the thing MS has done to alienate me before any rumours about always online surfaced.

Why do I even need the new Xbox? The PS4 will have far better exclusives (unless MS really pulls something out of the bag), it won't focus on crap like Kinect, it won't be always online, it will play used games. I have a Wii U already to play (which is crap ATM) the great Nintendo exclusives and then a high end gaming PC to play everything else.

So what exactly will I miss out on? Forza? Halo? Gears? Alan Wake? Fable? The latter 2 will probably hit the PC anyway if they get a new release.

I had a good run with my 360 it is my primary console this gen, but MS have done thier best to alienate me over the past 3 years and this looks set to continue into the next generation.
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User Info: CaseyJonez

4 years ago#5
I take it you saw the other most recent topic and realized that at over 100 posts no one would ever read yours? I wish it had also dawned on you that you're not going to add anything new to the speculation table.

It's not even five threads down even after I posted this.
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