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So, how much time has your Xbox 360 spent not connected to internet?

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User Info: Bladescorpion

4 years ago#31
DiaperDandee posted...
Let's stop being so narrow focused on the consumer side. I've had it where my internet has been out for a while and I've wanted to play a game like Mass Effect just so I could play it. The whole idea of "I play online most of the time so that is the only way to play and anyone who likes to occasionally play single-player is dumb" needs to stop.

I really hope the people behind the move considered all the consequences before deciding this.

Yup. All it takes is a good snow storm, thunderstorm, wind gust, or wreck to take out the cable.

Also when the cloud service was down or a security breach like the idiots running psn had.

Congratulations, you have a paper weight.

My net was down today for hours, but my saves for fifa and dark siders 2 were in the cloud.

Always on messed up several pc games on launch, including sim city.

This is a very dumb requirement.
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User Info: Filthy-Grub

4 years ago#32
Only when my xbox is turned off.
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User Info: HighestT

4 years ago#33
I would say about a year now because my 360 has rrod.

User Info: SnoogleDumpling

4 years ago#34
Quite a bit in all honesty because I mostly play single player games due to most multiplayer not interesting me as much as single player experiences. However I have no problem with constantly being connect as long it doesn't eat up much of my monthly internet cap.

User Info: Damon Plus

Damon Plus
4 years ago#35
Not connected? About 99.5% of the time.

I only connect it to download Arcade games or DLC, or when I have a free weekend of XBL.
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User Info: mrjhwar

4 years ago#36
My Xbox 360 has never experienced the internet.
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User Info: MertensCW

4 years ago#37
A lot. Even when i had gold, most of the time i pulled the plug.
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User Info: MashYouGood

4 years ago#38
I haven't played lagline for months. Last real time spent was with GTAIV. Before that, SFIV, SCIV and then back to Gears(1).

I'm seriously considering ending my Gold subscription, that I've had since launch, this year.

The novelty has worn off and the game quality is nowhere near where it needs to be for the epicurean gamer to bother with lagline any longer.

User Info: JTC87

4 years ago#39
What is the point of buying a 360 and not having it connected to the internet?

User Info: Reel_Big_Mike

4 years ago#40
Other than the very rare service outage or power 360 has spent absolutely zero seconds not connected to the internet. I'm sure a good amount of the people going irrationally apes*** about always online are already always online too.
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