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Have you ever given a game another shot?

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User Info: Res5

4 years ago#21
Always. I don't trade or sell my games so keep them forever. Sometimes it takes a specific window to make me like a game but if I can enjoy a game once, I will enjoy it forever.

Point in case: Sentinel Returns and The Amazing Sea Monkeys. I suck at both of these games and didn't understand the former for years but when I played them at just the right time I thoroughly enjoyed them. Took me like 8 years to do that though.

I don't think it has anything to do with lowering my expectations either because I don't ever go into any game, regardless of legacy or developer, with any sort of expectations except that I will enjoy it. Someday, at least.

Being more familiar with a game a second time around does help with the enjoyment factor. When the confusion has worn off you find yourself exploring new strategies and when you go back to the beginning of a game again you rip through it with new knowledge and it makes you appreciate it more. the next best thing

User Info: The Waynos Bum

The Waynos Bum
4 years ago#22
Splatterhouse. I just wasn't feeling it when I first player. After two days I just got to level 5 and put the game away. Two months later I trying out again and this time loved it. The next day I finished the hardest difficulty and completed all the challenge rooms. I guess when I started I wasn't in the mood for the use of language in it or something.
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