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How the XBOX 720 launch is going to go down:

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User Info: NeojianX

4 years ago#21
SpacemanHardy posted...
Consumer: "Always online requirement? Hell no!! That's bull!! I'm going to boycott Microsoft and never buy anything from them ever again for as long as I live!!"

Microsoft: "Halo 5 announced."

Consumer: ".....Okay I'll buy one."

Don't even deny it, you know it's true. -_^

What kind of posting is this really. Is it from a Gamers prospective?

Hell No! This is representative of your fear of failing IMO. I can smell your fear in this post!

..... and after the breaking like crazy X360 you should be. Oh Sony will not benefit from your failing. They are already failing with the PSPGo and the VIta , due to their evil non Gamer decisions. Oh and Nintendo was dumb as hell to remove the Gamecube BC from the Wii, with the WiiU coming out that soon. So, how are those WiiU sells.

You see your this game gen decisions have made Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft not Trustworthy. There are a ton of other options for Gaming beside you three strange bedfellows. That is for damn sure. Hell, we can make our own damn games with the power available out here today in computing.

I can make an Alien Hominid and Angry Birds game right now. ... and I still can play those games all day long. No DLC. Well, each new game kind is and I have DL'd all of them for Free from the Play store. Love the Star Wars Angry Birds.

Hey, didn't Sony try and sell those games for $39.99? How did that go? Ha ha ha ha! : )
James Bond 007 in Never Say Never Heineken AND You Only Live Miller High Life .... Twice. : )

User Info: Snickleseed

4 years ago#22
Big_Isaac posted...
here's how it's gonna go:
a ton of people will buy it at launch and 20 minutes later, the interwebz will be flooded with news about how no one is able to play games because MS' servers exploded from the strain.
it happens every ****ing time a game with DRM is released, and it's gonna happen with the nextbox, too.

i report trolls

User Info: DelsinRowe

4 years ago#23
Why would people buy a console just for a game from a milked series that was never great?
You are not in control.
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