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Jimquisition speaks out about "Always Online Consoles"

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User Info: Jiryn

4 years ago#11
L4YER_CAKE posted...
Wow, for so long I thought I would never hate an online personality more than angry joe, and well, I was right. But this guy is a close second. Even though I agree with most everything he said, he is still just begging for a falcon punch to the dong.

Again though, he's spot on just about everything, except consoles aren't going anywhere.

He really does come off as a ego-maniacal self important douche nozzle with 2000psi but at the same time sometimes he makes very informed and intelligent points.

Other times, he's just an insufferable fool you want to punch... it all depends on the topic at hand. However as I said he really drove this week's points home.
The patience it takes to play FFXI and EQ is the patience it takes to kill yourself by bashing your head into a wall.
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  3. Jimquisition speaks out about "Always Online Consoles"

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