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Anyone else ever win a major console?

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User Info: combatcm1

4 years ago#11

User Info: arrseetee

4 years ago#12
i won an xb360+kinect from burger king back when kinect came out. still have it, but of course the xb i had before didnt last
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User Info: bigpoppapat

4 years ago#13
I won a gameboy in like 1990 or something. raffle at my school.
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User Info: master_gamr1231

4 years ago#14
Nope. The biggest thing I've ever won is a book. In a school raffle with very few people. :(
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User Info: ZuuF

4 years ago#15
I've won two PSPs, an Xbox 360, a PS3, and a PS2. All but one of the PSPs was earned at a fair (knowing how much carnies lie for extra money). So, I took a video of them telling me what to do, and how to do it, and replicated it. I used the video to bargain my way into fair games with the guy (if I won, I won, rather than if I won, I need to do it three more times in a row to win). Oddly enough, I've found a couple of honest carnies in my life (who run the next-to-impossible games), but those don't come by very often.
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User Info: _Ominousity_

4 years ago#16
I won an original 360 2 days before launch from that Mt. Dew promo. Got a console with like 3 games for free. Wasn't interested in Xbox at the time as I was a total Nintendo fanboy plus I had dialup, so I put it up for sale and make nearly a grand to go towards a car.
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User Info: Alphrin

4 years ago#17
master_gamr1231 posted...
Nope. The biggest thing I've ever won is a book. In a school raffle with very few people. :(

Same here. I won an Animorphs book, which was worth about 5 bucks.

I tried many times to win an Xbox 360 back during the pre-launch Mountain Dew contest. Ah, memories.
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User Info: TheMuffin

4 years ago#18
Mom won my PS2 from a raffle at Circuit City back in the day. Couldn't play it for 6 months though because my grades were so bad.
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User Info: Saikred

4 years ago#19
Not in the same way but I did win a competition on the website a few years ago.

The prize was:

1) XBOX 360 with 6 EA Titles of my choice.
2) A day in a recording studio in London with up to 6 friends, with professional coaching and ending in the recording of a song from the Rock Band 2 setlist.

It was an awesome day (apart from having to change studios because The Stereophonics wanted our original one, the gits), and I sold the console to a work colleague for a discounted price to make some cash
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User Info: rusty12000

4 years ago#20
lol 6 ea titles of choice. i would have been like can i trade them for decent games -- Put a stop to Big internet companies trying to put a cap on bandwidth in Canada!!!!
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