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piracy is a big problem...

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User Info: AWarAmp84

4 years ago#21
Marvel Man posted...
As a consumer, piracy is not my problem.

At all.

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User Info: SparkItUp

4 years ago#22
faris_ruhi posted...
Always online won't be stopping pirates anytime soon.

exactly this...they always find a solution relatively quickly to an issue that people think will solve it once & for all.
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User Info: _Elite_Bushido_

4 years ago#23
From: CrossRaven | #003
GenesisK posted...
Every game that is pirated is a lost sale so I wouldn't blame microsoft if the new xbox has a mandatory always online connection feature and don't give me that mess about the companies can afford it nobody like to lose money.

You're either an idiot or a troll. Your post isn't obvious enough to tell. Try again.

if you cant tell, then youve been trolled
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User Info: Banana_Mana

4 years ago#24
Ryu X posted...
In China where piracy is the most rampant would those people have bought the 360 games if they were full price and not a cheap burned copy? No they wouldn't they don't have that kind of money.

Sales aren't really lost when people who pirate stuff wouldn't buy the game in the first place.

Stating that everyone in China is poor. And a pirate.

Well done?

Casual racism at its worst.


4 years ago#25
TBD2009 posted...
As it was mentioned before, but I feel the need to repeat it, just so we're all clear...

While "piracy" does undermine company sales of their goods, those who pirate are usually ~never~ going to buy the product in the first place, or, as is the case for a small sample of people, are wanting to preview the product before committing their money to it.

So in some instances, piracy ~help~ the company sells their product, because of the people who decided they liked the product enough to buy it, after downloading it for free.

Also, another fact pointed out, pirated games can easily be played on a modified console. DRM, or not. There are so many people on the internet who are ~dedicated~ to the practice of creating hacks and patches to circumvent any DRM that a company tries to use to keep pirates from playing the game. This is especially common on the PC, where you have people who have learned how to not only bypass those pesky "Always Online" DRM security measures, but also how to disable "third party anti-cheat" clients.

And the funny thing is... this has been the case for years, and will continue to be the case. Companies try to create an "Anti-pirate" tool, and then pirates create an anti-anti-pirate tool.

The only people who will be hurt by "Always Online gaming", sadly, are the "honest gamers" who purchase all of their games, and play them on unmodified platforms. So, really, we should all turn pirate, and play modified consoles and client hacks on our PCs, since that's basically what gaming companies are accusing us of doing, by forcing these crappy security measures upon us all.

Seriously, my opinion on the matter is: "They've made a never ending war on piracy, that has escalated to the point that HONEST gamers are the only people being screwed, and are passing the cost to US. So ~screw them~!".

i agree with this.

User Info: AnotherSomebody

4 years ago#26
Piracy is their problem, not ours, and constantly implementing more and more draconian measures of DRM and control pushes more and more people toward piracy, which is not only free but a lot more convenient to use. That's the problem here; convenience. If paying customers are getting punished while pirates are sitting pretty then what incentive is there to pay for games? I don't want to pay a company just to be treated like a criminal.

It's far from perfect, but this is the thing that makes Steam such a success; convenience. I'd attribute most if not all of PC gaming's "resurrection " (I know it never really "died" but come on it was close) to Steam being a cheap and easy way to get games. By making it easier to buy a game than to pirate it, Steam made huge strides in this issue. It didn't eliminate piracy entirely, obviously, but I do think it makes the case for convenience over control.

There are examples within even Steam that buck this philosophy though. These are titles that require constant connections and services like securom (ubisoft titles, batman), and once again these are things that only damage the relationships between players and publishers and I feel again push more people toward piracy.

User Info: DesmondDHume

4 years ago#27
Did you hear Uplay was hacked? Games could be downloaded for free and so Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon was leaked onto the net.

Strange, huh? An anti-piracy-measure lead to more piracy.

User Info: weAREtheB0RG

4 years ago#28
... in Assassins Creed IV

Is what the OP should have said. Topic would have been more interesting.
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