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My Favorite Gaming Company - Todays Poll

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User Info: whatnow12012

4 years ago#1
My favorite Gaming Company wasnt on the list very odd considering how many games they have made lately.

That being ATLUS or ATLUS USA, mainly they make Portables while unknown on Persona 5 but during my research the games concept art showed logos underneath them revealing Playstation 3 & The 360.

But that could change at a moments notice & go exclusively next gen but then again Persona 5 has been in the works for quite sometime like Dragon Age 3 has.

2 of my most anticapted games & nothing is known on them espically the most important info of all being WHICH CONSOLES.

While Kingdom Hearts 3 is another one but that will be Playstation 4 now. So will Vs. FF 13 also I see that game getting its name changed to something new it will not be called Vs. 13. Also I am glad as Vs. 13 is a stupid name for a Final Fantasy.

But anyways ATLUS is one of my Favs also XSeed another company I like. Also I like the Portable Companies that make awesome games like God Eater & the Upcoming God 2.

Sad that Portable games are 10x better than Console ones God 2 will be friggen sweet loved the original I have my save file ready to import into God 2.

YS I think is being done through XSeed on the PS Vita which is an exclusive game.

But I dont really have a Favorite Console Gaming Company I just like the games that dont suck.

But when it comes to Portables it is ATLUS & XSEED. XSeed also made one of my favs of all time being Wild Arms ALTER CODE F.
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