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ITT: Console owners ONLY, say one NICE thing about PC Gaming

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User Info: CrazyFool319

4 years ago#41
Wonder how many people actually dont play games on their PC that are posting here.

User Info: thecrusha

4 years ago#42
If i was God, i would only want one thing,

User Info: shurio

4 years ago#43
yar har ahoy and avast.........doesn't even matter cause you can make one like the other. We know only one thing for sure, pc gaming is a hell of alot easier to update/upgrade. But that hit costs money bra. Sometimes you just want something you dont have to worry about like a console though.
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User Info: devlkore

4 years ago#44
Open system, mods, free online play (y'know, how it should be for DC), price of games, more choice of peripherals.

FYI, I DON'T play games on my computer because I use my computer for work, so I like to have a completely separate thing for playing games. I used to though, until I realised it was too easy to alt+tab into a game instead of making/learning something.
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User Info: _Bristow

4 years ago#45
Lots of buttons.

User Info: Banana_Mana

4 years ago#46
I have no PC at the moment... I do have 3 laptops... But none that can run games well.

So, the nicest thing I can say about a PC is that I REALLY WANT ONE!

I had a beast of a PC a few years back, although being busy with work at that time I didn't use it much - I would use it more now (I think)...

Anyway, should be buying one at some point in 2013.

PCs are great... So are consoles... Preferring one over the other is perfectly fine, but there is no need to insult either.
It's gooder than you is.

User Info: Klockdown

4 years ago#47
Graphics and mods.
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User Info: Red Orc

Red Orc
4 years ago#48
The Quest series from Sierra were awesome, and even though I didn't have top of the line EGA graphics, I could still play in black, white, cyan, and purple.
It's obviously been awhile since I dealt with PC gaming.

User Info: ro1dadarkstar7

4 years ago#49
First of all, PC games are cheaper than most of the console games, at least in my area.
Then, PC graphics are far much better than console graphics.
PC players can change controller setups for all of the games, but console players can't.
But the negative points for PC are you need to keep upgrading it, and some fine games don't work with PC, like Injustice, Ninja Gaiden, Dynasty Wars.
PC doesn't have Xbox 360 exclusive games, like Gears of War, Halo and Forza, and PS 3 exclusive games like God of War, Sly Cooper, and inFamous.

User Info: SnuffSevenfoldX

4 years ago#50


Sometimes better control (although I actually think it depends on the mouse you have :P).
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