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The fate of single player gaming?

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User Info: Gunvalkyrie2

4 years ago#1
You decide.. - Results (95 votes)
Companies are seeing SP games stuffed with MP elements don't work, SP may improve next gen
26.32% (25 votes)
Next gen single player gaming will remain about on par with this gen
51.58% (49 votes)
Single player gaming next gen will be scaled back further, but nothing drastic
12.63% (12 votes)
There will be a big time shift away from single player gaming next gen to make way for social gamers
9.47% (9 votes)
This poll is now closed.
All I play are SP Games. Wondering what the word is.. or what you think it is.
It's not just a rumor, I heard it on Gamefaqs.

User Info: tracazoid

4 years ago#2
The same as every generation of gaming before and including this one, you will have plenty of both.

User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#3
Interesting situation. I think Bioshock Infinite was a fantastic showing of the power a good story still holds.

Look at Tomb Raider, they spent a lot of money making a MP that is already dead. Same with Crysis 3.
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User Info: ARsignal11

4 years ago#4
SunDevil77 posted...
Look at Tomb Raider, they spent a lot of money making a MP that is already dead. Same with Crysis 3.

This is what I'm hoping developers notice. Please don't use time and funds to shoehorn a multiplayer component into a game that has traditionally been a single-player experience.

Instead, use those funds/time to make the single-player experience better. Include harder difficulties, more collectibles and things of that sort of nature if you're worried about replayability.

User Info: legolas95

4 years ago#5
With Thief and The Witcher 3 already announced for next gen, things should be fine for sp
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User Info: the36thchamber

4 years ago#6
the bigger problem with sp is story because its driven development into THIS is why people play sp. it ends up creating this assy way out game structure of "ok people are going to play sp for the story, then maybe one more time to get all the achievements, then play mp until we make a sequel and do the same thing again" if they dont have mp they just make the story mode twice as long but just as story driven.

its not every game but there are so many games that you can tell are just strapped to the story like its real life and theres no leap from the story in gameplay, graphics and they dont even think about unlockables because whats the point. everything has to make sense and look right within the games "world" because its so ******* real. problem is most gamers are so in love with it(even though they complain about the story in 80% of the games they play) i dont see this changing. so have fun beating a story twice, playing team death for 5 months and waiting for the sequel
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