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Question about Xpadder and controller macros

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User Info: amazing_aliy

4 years ago#1
Hey guys,

I have been reading around and wondered if anyone here knew about the Xpadder.

So I get that it enables you to play PC games using your xbox controller.
Am I also correct in saying that you can program a macro (for example left, right, up, down) and assign this entire button input to one button?

That would be great for my PC game usage.

Also, someone said that I can use xpadder to store macros and use them in xbox games. However, this does not seem to be true? I would like macros so that it would be easier to grind in RPGs mainly, so wondered if there was an easy solution that I can programme a macro using a PC input, and save it to an xbox controller?

If Xpadder does this, then great. If not, does anyone know anything else (reasonably priced)?


User Info: PurestProdigy

4 years ago#2
Viking 360 has controllers that let you do macros. You can record the macros and even edit them on your pc using their software.

You can even download some online that other people have made. I wouldn't say it's "reasonably priced" for a controller though.

Datel has the Turbofire2 that allows you to get a few macros from their site but the selection is very limited.

You can however store your own custom ones using the record feature and it's like less than $30.
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