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How do you feel about achievements?

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User Info: cmwmccal

4 years ago#51
From: NewShire | #037
Then I'll do the math to see how much GS I'll likely get from the game and if it's any less than 600 I'll be less inclined to play it.

This is just incredibly sad.
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User Info: NewShire

4 years ago#52
My response to people who say that achievements are pointless is that, at the very least, they keep an easily accessible record of things you've done in all of the games you've played throughout the entire console generation.

For example, I've always enjoyed 100%ing Mario and Zelda games. Nowadays I always sell them afterwards because I know there will be another one coming along soon enough.

It's nice in those games that it shows you that you've completed the game 100% in the menu screen before selecting the saved game that you want to load up. It's cool to just see it on the screen, or for your friends to see it if they come over to your house and play it, or if they borrow that game from you.

But the only way you can have that reminder/proof that you finished one of those games 100% is to put the game into the console and boot it up.

With the achievement system, it makes accomplishments like that easily viewable by you and all of your online friends.

It's also cool that if you and a friend buy a new game like Skyrim at the same time, you can keep track of each other's progress.

I'm not going to argue the literal worth of achievement points, but if you can't understand how they can possibly hold sentimental value, like a coin or pin collection, then you're pretty close-minded IMO.
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User Info: Killah Priest

Killah Priest
4 years ago#53
I like them a lot.

In fact I like them so much I am not even going to bother playing the dark arisen part of dragon's dogma even tho I purchased it because it adds no new achievements.
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User Info: DrFeelgood1984

4 years ago#54
Ecotron posted...
Love them. thing is they arent the same on ps3. like who the F cares about trophies seriously?

They're actually exactly the same.....

User Info: thecoug

4 years ago#55
Bloop bleep.
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User Info: UrbanMessiah

4 years ago#56
From: SoaringDive | #021
How does getting some guy to spend an hour to program in a couple achievements change the game you get in any way?

Good question...then again, how does getting some guy to implement Dark Souls with an easy mode option change the same game others get in any way?

Sorry, could resist...XD
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