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Xcom worth it?

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User Info: HomerJAY33

4 years ago#1
Is it similar to Valkyrie chronicles?
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User Info: CrimsonStryke28

4 years ago#2
Very much worth it but can't say if it's like Valkyrie Chronicles but I can say Xcom is definitely worth the purcahse and one of the best games of 2012.

User Info: Dark_Spiret

4 years ago#3
its turn based and its got some rpg-lite elements. thats about all it has in common to VC. If you liek turn based games in general then youll probably like it. its a great game.
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User Info: Brass_Eye

4 years ago#4
Just started playing it on the PC and yes it's amazing. Obviously can't comment on the difference between K&M vs controller but I think the game is identical in terms of gameplay.
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User Info: velvet_hammer

4 years ago#5
Hard choice for me. .The difficulty is all over the place, and IMO has many cheap moments... Its a decent turn based game with far to much random cheap moments for me...

I'm also a sucker for punishment and refuse to play this game on anything below hard.. I have heard normal is easier but still has many cheap moments..

If you can get it for $20 I say buy it though.. I got it at $40 and it was borderline.. $20 is good price
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User Info: Smokescreened84

4 years ago#6
I've not played VC, but XCOM: Enemy Unknown is excellent, pick it up ASAP.
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User Info: RetroFanGirl

4 years ago#7
Similar enough concept to VC, obviously quite different setting and theme.
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