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Paying 60 dollars a year to be fed advertisements

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User Info: UltimaKeyMaster

4 years ago#381
*one of those "Only read the beginning of topic" posts, as a warning*

It's just advertisements that barely take up a portion of the dashboard. They don't stop you from moving away from them. Please calm the hell down, TC.
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User Info: ILikesCheese

4 years ago#382
VeryDarkSoul posted...
Paying 100 a month for cable t.v and be fed commercials

That is about the perfect counter-point to the original argument presented by this thread.

This also alludes that PSN is the "rabbit ears" of the console gaming world.


VeryDarkSoul posted...
Ron Paul 2012

Although I don't know what the heck THAT is about.

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User Info: Scared0o0Rabbit

4 years ago#383
If you don't like it then don't pay for it. I've decided to let my gold subscription lapse because I don't see the value in it currently. No I don't have a ps3, nor will I ever. No I don't have a gaming PC. I just don't get enough value out of a gold subscription to justify the cost.
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User Info: Winternova

4 years ago#384
darealest47 posted...
The latest thing Microsoft has done was setting up a Pizza Hut app while the other companies focus on bettering their systems.

Microsoft gives companies the tools to make an Xbox 360 application, it's up to the company to create the app. Microsoft didn't "set up" a Pizza Hut app...give me a break.

darealest47 posted...
Anyway I'm pretty sure the xbots have got pretty that you the tc has posted the truth and it pisses them off lol.

The xbots have got pretty? Are you sexually attracted to robots?
The TC hasn't "posted the truth". That just shows that you didn't read my complete deconstruction of him. There's a reason he hasn't posted in this topic for a few days...
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User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#386
You owe an Xbox?

Why? Did it buy you dinner?
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User Info: tubb311

4 years ago#387
Chicagoian posted...
60 bucks for a dashboard riddled with advertisements being forced down your throat. Just seems really stupid to me. If you're not insulted by that then I pray for your logic.

you're a disgrace to Chicago, GTFO

User Info: pothocket

4 years ago#388
darealest47 posted...
You fanboys are the REAL trolls.

That's weird because I don't even recognize you yet your screen name is tagged with "PS3 fanboy"

Tagging names makes GameFAQing easy.
well I am not like your dad. I worked as a chef at TGIF-Mattson

User Info: TheBlueStig

4 years ago#389
darealest47 posted...
kept feeding this topic until it got like 36 pages.

Who still has their page settings to only see 10 topics per page? Are you on dialup or something?

And who still pays $60 per year for Gold? Lazy people with more money than brains?

The only problem I have with the ads are the ones that advertise things not available on the marketplace. I don't need to have ads for electric razors, women's products, soft drinks, snack foods, cars, trucks, or worst of all politics thrown at me every time I start up my system. Keep the ads to things available on the marketplace.
"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
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User Info: darealest47

4 years ago#390
Microsoft is disgracing the xbox with its crappy "features" and you fanboys makes me sick to my stomach.

I'm a fan and owner so I can say for the 720 to be a MUST BUY it needs new games cause who the hell can play the new halo and new gears that many times until it gets crappy.

Halo Combat Evolved = Amazing, Halo, 2 = Fantastic, Halo 3 = good, Halo Reach = bad, halo 4 = garbage. Gears of war 1 = ok, gears 2 = bad, gears 3 = abyssal.

As a owner of all three I can that you'd get more out of PSN Plus due to free games each month and the online is a given. If a casual ask me what system to get I would say 360. If a Core gamer ask me what system to get I'd say Nintendo/Playstation or just build a pc.

720 needs single player games because every real gamer who grew up in the 80s knows that in the end of the day (I'm not dissing multiplayer games as I do love me some call of duty here and there) single player games trumps multiplayer games.

Paying $60 a year for some stupid pizza app is ridiculous no matter what you guys say.
It. Is. Absolutely. Ridiculous.
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