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Need 40 MS points any advice

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User Info: Guide

4 years ago#21
From: nothingbeast | #016
TheBlueStig posted...
Unless you're shutting your account down forever, you'll eventually spend the points on something else. Paid points last forever, free Bing points last 6 months. If you try to claim that you'll never find another thing to buy in that amount of time you're lying your ass off.

Doesn't change the fact that if I want a $15 game (like Terraria), my only option is to buy 1600 points and hope that later on I find something to spend the extra 400 points on.

Whether I find something worth 400 points later on is irrelevant. MS has $5 more of my money than I wanted to spend.

It doesn't stop me from buying stuff online, but it's just a sad level of fanboyism to ignore reality. It's nothing more than a cheap way of getting extra money for doing nothing other than not giving me the option to pay what I owe.

Defend it all you want, but there's no excuse for MS to not give me a direct bill.'d rather waste what you've purchased than save it, even though it won't affect MS, who already has your money, at all.

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User Info: lokinineteen

4 years ago#22
welshrat posted...
Thanks had a look but as im in the uk no joy with bing rewards

I was just on Games website and they do 240 point for £1.99 or 400 for £3.50. Quick, easy to use and the code pops up on the screen once paid for or you can retrieve from your email.

User Info: SparkItUp

4 years ago#23
If I was close TC, I'd hook you up with 100 MS points...but I just redeemed my bing for gift cards 2 nights ago
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