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Do you trade in your games?

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User Info: DxZ99

4 years ago#21
Haven't traded in a game since September 2007. Before that... Gamestop held my soul. -.-

User Info: BahamutBBob

4 years ago#22
Rarely do I trade in games.

I was selling them on eBay for a while, which has much better turnaround, but I got banned when my account got hacked, and eBay gave me a BS excuse about why they wouldn't unban me after I recovered it.
XBL / PSN: BahamutBBob

User Info: gldoorii

4 years ago#23
Haven't traded in games for several years. I always use eBay.
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User Info: motoraptor

4 years ago#24
Back when I only had a PS3 I would trade games in all the time. But since I got my xbox almost 2 years ago I don't trade in games.

User Info: rockyoumonkeys

4 years ago#25
Sometimes, sure. Some games I know I'll never replay, so no point in holding onto them.

I'll either sell it on ebay or bring it to Gamestop, depending on how much I can expect for it. Sometimes it's worth getting a few dollars less to avoid the hassle of ebay.
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