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User Info: green_abobo

4 years ago#1
dont have alot of dough & am looking for a good xbla game & tried ALOT of demos recently.

strania, ikaruga, radiant silvergun, yars revenge, guwange, raystorm hd, iron brigade, virtual on OT & rez hd. (both very cool looking) you name it, I probably tried it.

pretty much anything that could be considered a shump, or involving a mech on xbl's catalog.

what I really want is a good shump or mech game, preferably with mp.

iron brigade looked alright, but its more of a tower defense game, & idk how I feel about that. not too keen on the fact its like, dated. as in ww2 type era.

strania looks very promising, but idk if a lot of people play it online, or if there's a lot of content there really.

was psyched to try steel battalion, until I realized you must have a kinnect to play it. x0

since strike suit 0 or hawken aren't coming to consoles anytime soon, which one of these games is the most bang for my buck?

doesn't even have to be arcade, could be indie for all i care.

so sick of all the recycled garbage these so called "new" games are becoming.

interesting the poll of the day kinda represents this sentiment, exactly.

really off topic: poker night looks to be semi fun, as far as something different is concerned anyway.

maybe I should just wait for what I know is going to be an awesome game:

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