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Would you pay $120 a year for Xbox Live?

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User Info: JKSonic

4 years ago#31
From: Winternova | #010
$500 console + 2 years of XBL at $60 each = $620 ($580 if you get it on sale for $40/year)
$300 console + 24 months of XBL at $10/mo = $540

If it's true, it's worth it.

Which shows it's more than likely not true. Plus I (and lots of other people) generally pay $40 or less for XBL a year. So it would be $580 vs $540 and at that you KNOW something is wonky. Either the price of XBL will be raised and highly regulated or there's some other piece of crucial information we're missing, no way MS would let a deal like that slip through. (pinup and boudoir) (families, scenery, etc)

User Info: twa556

4 years ago#32
Reel_Big_Mike posted...
Probably yea. I certainly wouldn't like it and would probably expect some added features, but the bottomline is I enjoy using Xbox Live and playing my 360 games online. So while there is certainly a limit to how much I'd be willing to pay, I don't think $120 hits that limit.
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User Info: legolas95

4 years ago#33
Hell no. I dont even have a gold account as it is
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User Info: Ecotron

4 years ago#34
No. $60 never bothered me that much but $120? Clearly it's just greed at this point.

User Info: Enclave

4 years ago#35
Hell no, I already don't bother with Live on my 360 since I get free online from my PS3 and PC. The 360 can stay disconnected from the net, it's fine as a non-online console.
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User Info: godplaysSNES

4 years ago#36
I'm not paying anything for this worthless service
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User Info: Lockon

4 years ago#37
Last bump. TWSSted on 4/7/13 (R3D)

User Info: Walkman_005

4 years ago#38
120? HA.

MAKE IT 240 then we will talk.

User Info: NoBullet

4 years ago#39
Yeah I love paying for stuff thats free on other platforms.
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User Info: coldwine

4 years ago#40
Hmm I never go online, so - hell yeah!

Just kidding.
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