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I sincerely hope GTA5 isn't two discs...

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User Info: TheBlueStig

4 years ago#51
Reel_Big_Mike posted...
TheBlueStig posted...
Missions don't take up much space in the GTA games, the majority of the filespace is music and cutscenes.

And what do all the missions have? ...cutscenes.

The majority of GTA cutscenes are in-game, very few of them are video cutscenes.
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User Info: 95_Eclipse

4 years ago#52
airfoemoe posted...
Solid Sonic posted...
If only the 360 used an HD-DVD drive...

They should have allowed hard drive installing and allow you to play with 1 disc.

Yeah like Forza.
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User Info: 2NIKNIM

4 years ago#53
You have also to bare in mind that GTA5 is only going to be Los Santos so the one big space saving trick is to not include the other islands.

Would be nice if they made the other islands as episodic releases and go back to a more frequent release cycle for the 5world
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User Info: JascoD

4 years ago#54
Why the hell was Rage on 3 discs!? Or was it 4?

Anyway! Multiple discs sucks major donkey kong balls!
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User Info: IvanKozlov

4 years ago#55
JascoD posted...
Why the hell was Rage on 3 discs!? Or was it 4?

Anyway! Multiple discs sucks major donkey kong balls!

Because of the "megatextures" or whatever that buzz word that John Carmack used was. They were essentially massive textures that looked really good even when you got close close to them. They just took up a lot of space.

User Info: Rolling_Stoned

4 years ago#56
You shouldn't request an inferior product just because your console isn't capable of handling more than 7 gigs on a disc.
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User Info: YodaCrackers

4 years ago#57
Obviously, the open world itself will be on one disc. That's not even something to debate. The very nature of the open world game, particularly GTA V with its three protagonists co-existing on opposite ends of the map at all times, demands the world be on only one disc. Besides, it's audio and pre-rendered cutscenes that take up the most space. Think of all the largest open world games and they are mostly on one disc, and the ones that require more than one disc do not split the map. L.A. Noire required 3 discs simply for the MotionScan facial animation technology. That giant 1947 Los Angeles map appeared in its entirety on all 3 discs.

I would bet GTA V ships on one disc, just like Rockstar's other two open world games running on the RAGE engine; GTA IV and RDR. Or at the very most 2 discs, with a one-time disc swap coming at the most natural point during the story. Rockstar is all about immersion and they would make sure the disc swap does not detract from the experience to even the slightest degree. As for a separate disc for multiplayer, I would say no, because in GTA the single player map IS the multiplayer map. There are not as many additional assets needed.
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User Info: deimos91

4 years ago#58
or one disc MP and other SP

User Info: deimos91

4 years ago#59
IloveElite posted...
I guess it would be fine if it came on two dvds but after you installed them both to your HD, it only required one dvd in the tray (to validate ownership)

Anyone with only a 4gb system, sorry but its time you upgraded that antique.

will you upgrade it for them

User Info: produner

4 years ago#60
TC will regret making this topic when he gets 5 disks.
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