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Advertisement on Xbox Live.

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User Info: SolidStryder

4 years ago#31
moneyman80 posted...
SunDevil77 posted...
Badboy742 posted...
Your gonna see even more of them on the next console so I hope you Xbots enjoy them.

I banged your sister. She enjoyed it.

But did she have advertisements any place?

Atleast one, anyone who reads her thigh should know I was there.

User Info: sockesocke

4 years ago#32
imo the ads on xbox live are well implemented and they make the dashboard look better.
MotiJr:Sony copied George Foreman grills with their playstation 3 design.

User Info: randomweirdo

4 years ago#33
TheBlueStig posted...
I just think they should be limited to advertising things that are available on the marketplace.

No more ads for prescription drugs, booze, cars, soft drinks, women's makeup, deodorant, or politics, or anything else that isn't on the marketplace.

Actually I'd say more game related. It doesn't have to be on the marketplace, but at least have some relation to gaming.

I also do think it would be more ideal if there was an option to select ad categories one would rather see and ads were at least targeted to the user. For example I can understand that most of the guys here would have no interest in women's makeup. Guys tend to not use makeup and it's not exactly something that they'd even buy as a gift. But a girl may have more interest in.

It's just like how you pick up a magazine and the ads definitely will vary depending on the title. You sure aren't going to see an ad for makeup in a car magazine. That's because the magazine knows that the average reader is going to be male. But if you pick up a magazine like Vogue, you're going to see ads more for makeup, perfume, and other things that tend to interest women since most readers are female.

That's really where the issue is with the ads on the console lies, Microsoft isn't even trying to target advertising and going more for general stuff. But of what use is an ad for a car to a kid who can't even drive yet? It actually surprises me because being able to target ads even more than to just people who use XBL is something of value to advertisers and also tends to be more preferred by viewers. People have a lot less objection to ads if they are at least marginally interested in what they see.

User Info: Meta_Brawler

4 years ago#34
You know that randomweirdo has a great point, I actually would like that idea
Gtag: BDCxMasterLinkx
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