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Things that are worse than...Dragon Age 2?

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User Info: 123patapon

4 years ago#41
beyond the beyond, for psx.
when I tried DA2 I instantly felt like I was playing beyond the beyond again, after so many years.. dear god the nauseating feeling!

User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#42
Quote:Deadly Premonition. I know people will rip me apart, but that game was horrendous. NO redeeming factors whatsoever.
I won't tear you apart...I will, however say that you wouldn't know great characters, atmosphere, or story if they bit your bum ;) <3 I jest
I'm part of a dying breed...I am a positive gamer.

User Info: Ninjuggalotus

4 years ago#43
Probably Dragon Age 3
"Come at the king, you best not miss."
(message deleted)

User Info: CyhortI82

4 years ago#45
Lots of things, because Dragon Age 2 was perfectly fine.
TheTygerfire is the love of my life.
I love DLC :) Story>gameplay>>>graphics.

User Info: jsplisim

4 years ago#46
Gamefaqs pre-launch of a new console generation.
What it is big momma? My momma didnt raise no dummies, I dug her rap!

User Info: johnny_pay

4 years ago#47
people who use credit cards when buying 1 item they could easily pay for with cash

people who use credit cards

people who cant work self service machines

ginger people

people who cant walk in a straight line when sober

people who suddenly stop and stand in the middle of the street

people who stand in the middle of the aisle in a super market


people sitting next to me on the bus

public transport


stoners who watch conspiracy videos on youtube

benefit scroungers (not everyone on benefits is a benefits scrounger)


if you want a list of games


resident evil 4/5/6

call of duty


aliens colonial marines

duke nukem forever

far cry 2


deus ex invisible war


hitman contracts

User Info: davepesc

4 years ago#48
I really enjoyed Dragon Age 2. I still need to do a 2nd playthrough because I made a "wrong" choice that caused me to lose a party member and miss out on a couple achievements.
"**** you'll thats all you mofos know how to do iss pick on people cause there typeing **** this site" DarkAssAssIn051

User Info: LoveSheep

4 years ago#49
I rather buy games for consoles then buy consoles for games.
If a game needs DLC to be worth playing it is not worth playing at all

User Info: Bissomoneybags

4 years ago#50
Until proven otherwise....Square Enix.
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