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Things that are worse than...Dragon Age 2?

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4 years ago#81
656stooge posted...
656stooge posted...
And here I was thinking people would be against me, not with me. :)

I'll be against you in a minute. Say something else and see.

King's Field is a much better first person RPG than Elder Scrolls. Lets see if that gets you (most people seem to think thats crazy).

The only Elder Scrolls I like is Morrowind. I haven't got around to playing King's Field yet, but I'm told it was the inspiration for Demon's Souls, and that can only be a good thing.

King's Field is much much much slower, combat is not as deep, monsters are not as big or varied. It is very difficult, although some of that difficulty is kinda cheap (there are insta-deaths all over the place, some as soon as 5 mins in).
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User Info: Winternova

4 years ago#82
656stooge posted...
Yes Superman 64 was bad, but Superman 64 was like getting stabbed in the face. You were sort of expecting it was going to suck.

Dragon Age 2 was a Bioware RPG. A Bioware RPG. There was no way it could suck. Dragon Age 2 was like having your friends throw you a surprise party where they wheel out a massive chocolate cake only for a world class stripper to burst out of it, and then having her repeatedly kick you in the nuts for the next 30 odd hours.

Sure getting stabbed in the face is technically worse, but damn. Getting kicked that many times in the nuts by something that should have been so perfect was just not a fun experience.

Dragon Age II was better than Dragon Age:Origins.
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User Info: EarthBuster

4 years ago#83
Going to my local comic store on Friday nights to play some Magic: The Gathering. And some guy there brings his kid and makes her sit in the corner and do homework while he plays.
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User Info: ItsTheSasquatch

4 years ago#84
Jukain posted...
Final Fantasy VIII.

^This guy.

And people that tailgate you on the freeway, then just hang in your blind spot when you try to let them pass, resulting in you either getting stuck behind a ****ing semi, or flooring it to get back in front of them before reaching said slow-ass semi. The latter causes them to become filled with an idiotic rage, as they are always completely oblivious to how annoying they were being, often because they were on their damn phones.

And ground-nesting bees that attack you when you mow the lawn.

But mostly, that guy. FFVIII was great.
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User Info: Veladus

4 years ago#85
Holy crap. People are actually defending that atrocity of a game? DA2 was absolutely terrible. Let's go through the ways.

1. Your choices don't do anything. Whichever faction you side with, things for the world pretty much end up the same. You make no difference aside from the lives of a few of some supporting characters. In DAO, you got to decide who the ruling monarch was of not one but TWO kingdoms. In DA2, you get to decide... I have no idea how to finish that sentence.

2. Even the choices they do present are often not choices at all. "But thou must!", I believe these are called. Example. After Sister Petrice sets you up, you're given the choice to say you want to kill her. You should be able to. She's in that house with one templar companion, and no one knows they're there or that you're there. She says so herself, that's why she picked you. You have motive (she tried to kill you), means (Hawke's group > hers), and opportunity (obviously). She pretty much says "No, I have plot armor" and that's that. This isn't a one time incident. Try to defend Bethany from the templars, should they try to kidnap her? "Over my dead body!" "No, we have plot armor." "Okay, take my sister to the concentration camp I guess." That's pretty much how it goes down. Hey Cullen, did you know that someone planted a--oh, you DO know? And everything will play out exactly the same? You won't so much as remark about this conversation when all hell breaks loose? That's just lovely! How about whether you side with Petrice's thugs or the Qunari filth making no difference in how Osama bin Arishok goes all jihady? Shall I go on?

3. They even take back choices you made previously in DAO! Did you know that you kill Leliana, Anders, and Justice? They just pop back up in DA2 anyway. Remember that when someone claims those few choices you do get, about deciding how allies' lives turn out, matters. Because they'll retcon the hell out of it. How about the epilogue slides? Retconned also. Cullen can end up a raving lunatic wandering the countryside murdering random folk. And yet there he is in DA2, because Gaider sure loves to retcon.

4. A critical part of the story is very well hidden. Unless you managed to collect the Enigma of Kirkwall codexes, you don't really understand why Kirkwall seems to be made out of evil. Even if you do, you're left to wonder how an entire city can not notice they're sitting on the portal to Hell.

5. Reused areas and all that... honestly, I don't care much about that. It's a Bioware game. They make--they USED to make games that told a good, deep story and provided the player with lots of choices and paths to follow. This game seemed to actively try to avoid doing either. The story is rehashed drivel about a "righteous" genocide and there's no choice that makes any real differences. It's like an incredibly bad remake of The Witcher. I fully expect Dragon Age 3 to be about stopping a kingslayer who has framed the PC.

... Oh yeah, the original question. What's worse than Dragon Age 2? The ending to Mass Effect 3. God, how I miss the old BioWare. Rest in peace, BW.

User Info: Ateas

4 years ago#86
The Holocaust.

User Info: Devil_wings00

4 years ago#87
Bioware just tried to do what ME2 did which was tone down the RPG elements of the first game and make the gameplay more approachable. It worked for ME2 because the RPG elements kind of didn't fit the setting that well in the first place and the shooting was crap in the first game. Problem was DAO was one of the best games of it's kind in years and didn't require the toning down of it's RPG elements in favor of more action oriented gameplay. They were essentially fixing something that wasn't broken in the first place.

Still even if the gameplay/RPG stuff was better the game was still just a poor rushed sequel that was inferior in almost every way to it's predecessor.

All THAT said it's not even close to as bad as people make it out to be. It's just merely mediocre, not the spawn of Satan's a##hole like people exaggerate.
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User Info: Shin_Gallon

4 years ago#88
Bioshock Infinite's godawful auto-save checkpoint system. Worst. Thing. Ever.

User Info: CruorComa

4 years ago#89
The bulk of the GameFAQ's community
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User Info: Melkac

4 years ago#90
Mrluzo posted...
I actually enjoyed DA2. So a lot worse out there in my opinion. Crimson Alliance and Braid spring to mind.

I haven't played Braid, but it's been praised by pretty much everyone.

"I'm not good at this game" =/= "This game is bad"
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