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With all the new info today, gta5 could be greatest game ever made

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User Info: seankimberley42

4 years ago#61
bossk5 posted...
seankimberley42 posted...
bossk5 posted...
aDomination posted...
I just hope the car mechanics are better than GTA4.

The car mechanics in GTA 4 were great.

I just hope they don't listen to the people pissing and moaning that they couldn't" turn on a dime" and change them.

Really? Is that why they changed the driving mechanics in the DLC for the last game? Is that why they not only talked about the changes to driving in 5, but also gave a character a driving specialization?

Because of the pissing and moaning? Yes.

Anymore questions?

What moronic logic. I like a lot of bad movies but I'm not stupid enough to think they're good. It's pretty obvious that's an alien concept to you.
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User Info: TheBlueStig

4 years ago#62
Demon_Acker posted...
Activities include base-jumping, off-road ATV races, animal hunting, picking up hitchhikers, hijacking security vans, competing in triathlons, playing golf or tennis, doing yoga, performing stunt jumps, completing flying challenges, and more.

Everything but the Golf, Tennis, and Yoga was in San Andreas and people complained about it being too much to do.

I'm wondering when the GTA fanboys will finally make up their minds.
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User Info: BB52700

4 years ago#63
Who gives a crap if other people don't think YOUR best game ever is THEIR best game ever, or even if they think your best game ever sucks? As long as you enjoy it, what does it matter? your lives are not validated by having as many people as possible agree with your opinions on a video game. Personally, I hated GTA4, and loved RDR. im glad for those that enjoyed GTA4. and to those that hate RDR, I respect your opinions even though I disagree with them. Talking about games is supposed to be fun. topics like these are not fun at all
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User Info: Moss_27

4 years ago#64
It's just interesting to hear the logic behind people's opinions. I can see a person's preferences dictacting whether they personally like a game or not. I don't have any interest in RPGs or fighting games, but I wouldn't buy Street Fighter IV or Skyrim and declare that they are terrible. I love open world games...and find it hard to understand how someone can enjoy these types of games and not like RDR, or even GTA IV for that matter.
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User Info: Moss_27

4 years ago#65
"are you kidding? the entire plot was go to this location, cutscene, then go to another location while on a wagon/horse, engaging in the most useless dialogue that annoyed me, then participate in a shootout. IT WAS EXACTLY THAT THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE GAME. FORMULAIC TO A TEE. Maybe it wouldn't have been such a negative if the conversations didn't feel so redundant and annoying. Not too mention the running/fast walking was annoying with having to press the A button multiple times. Gun combat had no oomph to it while your character's movement was like a tank(slow and clunky). All those activities you listed felt tacked on and really weren't enticing enough to get me to do. RDR isn't a bad game since i played through the whole game but it is by no means, IMO, a good one either. Its decent.

TL;DR : RDR is a highly overrated, decent game"

Can I ask what games you consider to be your favourites? I enjoyed the dialogue. I enjoy story and character progression. Hearing John have conversations with the NPCS while going to a mission objective made the experience feel even more real, rather than having it all stuffed into cutscenes. I thought the game mechanics were excellent. I have no issue with holding A to run, and pushing it to run faster. I think John's character and animations are as fluid as I've seen in a game like this. And the activities...I disagree most about that. I can get lost in the game world for hours just doing random activities before realizing that I was on my way to a mission marker and got sidetracked. The game is that amazing.
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User Info: MUD VIPER

4 years ago#66
Everything but the Golf, Tennis, and Yoga was in San Andreas and people complained about it being too much to do.

I'm wondering when the GTA fanboys will finally make up their minds.

I was wondering the same thing. GTA IV apologist proclaimed they were GLAD rockstar removed all the useless stuff......guess they will be sticking with GTA IV.
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User Info: Guide

4 years ago#67
This game doesn't seem anything like bionic commando, it can't be all that good.
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User Info: swatkiller546

4 years ago#69
guys guys everyone is jumping into conclusions here we don't know if it's goty material yet we haven't seen any gameplay. Speaking gameplay part once they show the switching players part and it's all like arcadey, like three people in one and switch in an instant, it will bomb so hard it won't be funny. People would bash the hell out of it being that way. 100%

And it's funny people people bash on realism, but once GTA makes it a little arcadey just like I said people won't take it so nicely.. Guaranteed.
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User Info: Troika19

4 years ago#70
bossk5 posted...
Reel_Big_Mike posted...
There's zero doubt in my mind GTA V will be the greatest game ever made. I've been gaming for 20 years and right now it's a tie between Shenmue and GTA IV for my current best game of all-time. Since GTA V will obviously be better than GTA IV, it will be my new #1.

The problem with any of these "_______ is/could be the best game of all-time" topics is that you could pick any game in the world, and you'll still get tons and tons of people who disagree. Much like with online customer reviews, people are far more likely to post on a message board to refute something's greatness than they are to herald it.

It could NEVER be considered the best game of all time here on Gamefaqs anyway isn't a Japanese game.
Call of Duty > Dark Souls.
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