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Well Gentlemen it's a Tuesday without a major game release.

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  3. Well Gentlemen it's a Tuesday without a major game release.

User Info: CalistoCoon

4 years ago#1
Prepare Yourselves, Summer is Coming.
GT:Emotional Hobo

User Info: GGearX

4 years ago#2
Ugh.... summer.
GT: KryDamoure (The male version of Tomoko Kuroki)
.............I'm a very shy guy....... *blushes *

User Info: metroidman92

4 years ago#3
Got a backlog a mile wide, so I'm set.
It's powered by a forsaken child?!
Might be, kind of. I mean, I didn't use the whole thing!

User Info: Winternova

4 years ago#4
I have a huge backlog. I'm good.
Fan of: Steelers(6-time Champions), Red Wings(11-time Champions)

User Info: Lords0fWar

4 years ago#5
state of decay is this summer so i am ok

User Info: liam_000

4 years ago#6
Out of curiosity, what do your backlogs contain?
gamertag; OozyCrayfish
Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob the whole ******* world.

User Info: CalistoCoon

4 years ago#7
Oh geez, look at this back log waving contest.
GT:Emotional Hobo

User Info: GollyFluff

4 years ago#8
I missed a few games from earlier on this year so I'll be happy. Plus I'm a 3ds fan, so summer is looking AWESOME!
"Captain Falcon wasn't confirmed for Brawl. Brawl was confirmed for Captain Falcon."

User Info: SS_MetalSonic

4 years ago#9
I glad I spent so much time on battlefield , halo and call of duty multiplayer. Now I have a ton games to play in my backlog and a few games still on store shelves.
PSWiiPC60DS - Deus Ex, Crysis, Sleeping Dogs, Black ops 2, Farcry 3
Forza 4, Rage, InFamous 2, Darksiders 2, Vanquish, NBA2K13, Halo 4, Skyrim, Tomb Raider

User Info: spotsfree

4 years ago#10
what game are you guys most looking forward to this summer?
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  3. Well Gentlemen it's a Tuesday without a major game release.

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