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Splinter Cell Blacklist SvM(Old Meets New) Gameplay/Info

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User Info: StucklnMyPants

4 years ago#11
Hope they don't go back to the overpowered spies. Double Agent saw a shift in power, with the mercs being the better of the two, which is why I think a lot of people hated the SvM in DA: Spies weren't nearly as easy to get kills with. They went a little too far with the mercs in DA, but I really hope it doesn't go back to PT and CT as far spies being so much more dominant than the mercs.

When I think about SvM, I usually tend to remember most matches just being spies trying to kill mercs, instead of actually trying to complete objectives. It's definitely not indicative of everyone's experience with SvM, but just what stands out when I remember it.

User Info: PsychoDrama1

4 years ago#12
Some of my feelings on Spies vs. Mercs in Blacklist (old school pandora tomorrow/chaos thoery vet)

Bad (more like concerns)

- People who pre-order the game get BETTER equipment such as a more heavily armored vest and some kind of super goggles? These aren't just cosmetic but actually provide a gameplay benefit? So lame.

- Suicide drones for the mercs looks insanely overpowered and might make the spies have to be on the move at all times. Good for the people who liked conviction, bad for the chaos theory players who like to patiently observe and stalk in the air ducts and on pipes.

-I'm confused as to why the spies have some kind of MP5 like machine gun. Is that the stun gun? I saw someone get stunned in the video (awesome) but it looked like a stun pistol. Really hope the spies don't get submachine guns...

The Good

-The lighting looks fantastic. I mean TOP OF THE LINE lighting. No more "sam can see in the dark cause he is used to it, so the darkness has a light blue hue" BS! This is pure darkness. If you don't have your flashlight on, don't expect to see me. Loving the lighting.

-Classic diversionary tactics with spies and awesome bank shots with grenades

-the level design looked pretty cool with multiple vantage points for spies, but we will have to wait and see how many of the total levels have anything of the calibur of "Cinema" from Chaos Theory and PT.
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4 years ago#13
Almost every single thing I recommended the developers do for the game after Conviction they're basically doing, which I'm actually pretty surprised about... But I've been a fan of the Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell games for over 10 years, have owned every Splinter Cell game, and I can't wait to play some of the Spies versus Mercs (probably) at professional level competitions...
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