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I need smart people to explain something.

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User Info: Winternova

4 years ago#51
From: FredSavage27 | #050
Quoth the Reuters article...
Electronic Arts licensed weapons from companies like McMillan Group International as part of a marketing collaboration for "Medal of Honor: Warfighter." [...] Electronic Arts says it is severing its licensing ties to gun manufacturers - and simultaneously asserting that it has the right, and the intention, to continue to feature branded guns without a license.

If they never had to license the guns, there would be no story.

Reuters didn't quite understand the situation.

The confusion stems from an odd cross-marketing/charity arrangement between EA and some gun manufacturers as part of last year's promotion of Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Brown told Ars Technica in an e-mail that the Warfighter team set up a charity to support war veterans and encouraged the gun makers featured in the game to contribute. The weapons makers that decided to donate, including the McMillan Group and Magpul, were in turn featured prominently on a sub-page of the official Warfighter website as "authentic brands" in the game and were cross-promoted in some Web videos about the game.

Even this loose connection to a real-world gun maker was apparently too much for EA, though, as the company eventually removed any links to the gun makers' websites from the charity sub-page. Many media accounts suggested this move was made in response to growing public controversy over the links. While Brown said the decision to remove the links was made in August 2012, "before the criticism appeared," the links were still there in time for The Gameological Society to write a widely read criticism of the company's cross-promotion.

In any case, Brown said, "zero money from the manufacturers ever went to EA—all money went directly to the veterans' charity." Furthermore, EA has never paid a licensing fee to a gun maker to include their weapons in a game, nor has it been paid by a gun maker to feature its particular weapons. "No other EA game or service has used licensed gun images in a game," Brown said.

There is no story. That's why TheBlueStig's arguments are so entertaining, they're not based on a scintilla of factual information.
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