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Kotaku asks if one joke makes Blood Dragon homophobic (spoilers)

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  3. Kotaku asks if one joke makes Blood Dragon homophobic (spoilers)

User Info: Killah Priest

Killah Priest
4 years ago#41

Good lord.
Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Weep, and you weep alone.
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User Info: IWU

4 years ago#42
I scoured that article and I didn't find anything homophobic or any giant boobies. I'd say it was a complete waste of my time.
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User Info: thekozmicpig

4 years ago#43
That comment in the game isn't a joke.

Jokes are funny.

I'm more offended by the idea that the creators are trying to be "WOWIE LOOK AT HOW EDGY WE ARE!" when really, all you need to do is tell me Far Cry 3 and I'm excited.


Man, why can't more Gawker sites be fun like Jalopnik, or actually have good writers like Deadspin.
Feels like the depths of hell were unleashed upon my ass. - nivlac_rebuats

User Info: jakethenoob

4 years ago#44
Patricia Hernandez

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User Info: SparkItUp

4 years ago#45
Not really sure what everyone is jumping on her for (if I am wrong, I apologize, but this is the general feeling I am getting from this thread). Her articles clearly aren't the typical gamer article...They are clearly for those that enjoy analyzing the social aspects of games (for the most part).

It's a side that many gamers either don't bother to explore within their own thoughts or really don't have the capability of doing so (doesn't make you more or less smart...simply means it's a skill set you don't acquire). I applaud her for looking at the societal impact that some games may have or even the hidden yet obvious psychological analysis. It's merely what she, as a gamer, observes. Some of her experiences I personally can relate too, while others I do not. There is also a bit of "sharing" in her articles about who she is and the experiences she has had, and the way the games impact those experiences.

Nothing she states in the articles are really ever about the game itself as far as a review, but more so a reflection of a hidden story that may speak to her or others or even a reaction that may be shared with other gamers.

In essence, I find she is trying to present a piece that is thought provoking. Whether it makes you angry or you sympathize, whether you relate or not, and whether you agree or not,'s simply there to stir dialogue and discussion...nothing more, nothing less. Personally I think it's great to have something such as this to go with just straight forward reviews.
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User Info: chaos_sage0265

4 years ago#46
I've certainly said sexist things in the past despite being a woman

I nearly died.
"We will be remembered for this. White Wall."

User Info: Dragon Nexus

Dragon Nexus
4 years ago#47
From: shawnmck | #031
Yeah, I hate kotaku as well...they are also the ones that called the game Dead Island: Riptide and it's Developer Deep-Silver "sexist" and "anti-women", simply because they offered a female zombie bust in a bikini in the UK & Australia (nowhere else), and then went on to interview Leftist women from the US about this (even though it wasn't being offered in the US...UK only).
Kotaku is full of **** !

Here is what the bust looks like...

It was called "Zombie Bait".
That's one aspect of the argument people keep forgetting, or deliberately omitting.

It's heavilly implied that it's alluring to zombies. The "important parts", if you will, of a woman acting as bait. A skimpy bikini and thong as well.
I'm not exactly offended, but I can understand why it's sexist. And trashy.

I also knew the game would suck once this thing was revealed. If a game isn't good enough to sell by itself, what do you do? Manufacture some controversy!
"The problem with quotes on the internet is that you can never be sure if they're true" - Abraham Lincoln

User Info: googler

4 years ago#48
I can't stand the author of the article. She's way to gabby and always takes about the most inane crap and has the worst points to make. Surely they could find a better female correspondent if they're trying to be PC about it

User Info: Edward_R_Murrow

4 years ago#49
Gawker bigwigs are laughing furiously, petting their cats, and drinking a toast to more pageviews garnered by sensationalism and manufactured controversy.

Somebody call Inspector Gadget so they'll have something to complain about.

User Info: JDGfootman

4 years ago#50
The_Dark_Slay3r posted...

This is staggering.
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