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Those of you who have massive disc-based collections are fools.

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  3. Those of you who have massive disc-based collections are fools.

User Info: TheBlueStig

4 years ago#31
SonyHoundDawg posted...
Even if you keep your cd's/dvd's in perfect working order, after like 100 years or so, the data on just decays it wont be readable anymore. So anyof you planning on passing a massive game collections ps1 onward to family, your giving them a bunch of crap in the future.

The data itself isn't what is decaying.
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User Info: jakethenoob

4 years ago#32
Was browsing NeoGAF

WHO's the fool exactly?

If discrot was a real problem all my 15 year old CD's would probably be unplayable, but they all work.
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User Info: thecoug

4 years ago#33
All of my games are on discs and you're only a fool if you mistreat your games.

My games are either in my 360 or in their cases and I've never once had this happen to any of my games.
The Coug abides.
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User Info: crimsonclaw111

4 years ago#34
From: jakethenoob | #032
Was browsing NeoGAF

WHO's the fool exactly?
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User Info: HaloOfTheSun442

4 years ago#35
I have CDs that are around 20 years old, and all of them work perfectly. Why? Because I'm not an idiot and I keep them in their cases. No scratches, or "disc rot", or any other sort of damage other than standard wear from use. Same goes for all my disc-based games (or any games, actually): they're in their case on a shelf.

If I have discs that seem like new after 20 years, then I'm not too worried.

User Info: BuyersRemorse55

4 years ago#36
All you people having massive collection, it maybe stay fine in yourlife time, but for your kids, a lot of it may just turn out to be a bunch of crap they have to throw away.

I have 20 year old cd's too I bought when I was like 12, and they work fine still. But in another 20-30 years, maybe not.

User Info: BuyersRemorse55

4 years ago#37

forget this one in my above post also

User Info: SparkItUp

4 years ago#38
TheBlueStig posted...
The only fools are the ones who treat their discs so badly that they get heavily damaged.

Yes I understand that "s*** happens" sometimes, but I swear that some of you throw the damn things around the room like wannabe ninja stars or frisbees.

If you damage your stuff, IT'S YOUR OWN FAULT, not the fault of the media format.

^ this
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User Info: Chargrilled

4 years ago#39
I just checked a couple cds from the 90s i had lying around.
Work perfectly

Thus by the time something new like forza horizon fails, ill be long past caring.
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User Info: mightymike2035

4 years ago#40
I think you are a fool for being rude to people you dont know. I mean come on and show some manners and self respect. Would you walk into a room full of strangers and call them fools? I doubt you would.
XboxGT: mightymike2035
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  3. Those of you who have massive disc-based collections are fools.

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