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Unable to read disc and game freezes during loading

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User Info: Cloud75x

4 years ago#1
I got a question I need some insight on...

Had my xbox since spring 2007 and its been played roughly 3hrs a day since then and has gone through 2 RRD's in its life time. There are several games that I play religiously -those being skyrim, forza 4, and mass effect trilogy- and they're either in the xbox ready to go, sitting on the game case, or in their game cases, which begs the question of wtf?

All 5 games are loaded onto the hard drive since they're all heavy on the loading sequences (and to reduce system noise) and here are a few examples of what I am having issues with running perfectly dust free discs:

- at times I'll be racing on Froza 4 and all of a sudden the track and everything around it will disappear and I will be racing on an invisible surface in a void of empty space unable to pause or rewind (but I can access the xbox menu but it freezes if I try to return to the dashboard. Other times it will happen much slower where seconds of the track will disappear... but surprisingly I can access the menu and sometimes return to the dashboard before everything disappears, other times I cannot.

- everything in skyrim has a loading sequence, thats a given. But in my case I would argue that I have a 5% chance of the damn thing freezing up since I have clocked (if I add up all the characters play time) nearly 300hrs by now. sometimes It even occurs during quests and I'll be running through a crypt or a dungeon and BURRRZZZZ!!!! freeze.

Is the old girl worn out? is the laser dirty? They have very vague scratches on them, typical of discs that have been used A LOT and no signs of abuse (I would not exaggerate at an issue such as this)... unlike my LoZ: wind waker disc that is scratched to all hell (ty cousin!) and it still works, but this.... this problem has left a giant question mark on my head for days.

also, sometimes I will go days or weeks without the above happening, then the episode starts all over again. The scratches I mentioned, they're so small and few that you have to look at an sharp angle in direct light to see them and you cannot feel them if you rub your finger along the disc's surface.
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User Info: DarkSymbiote

4 years ago#2
I have a feeling your disc drive is having problems.
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