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Favorite game soundtrack

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User Info: TheAnchoredMan

4 years ago#1
Pretty simple question. What's your favorite video game soundtrack and why?

Personally mines got to be Fallout 3. The 50's nostalgia playing on the radio was classic and I was singing along in no time ;). Sure it might have been the same 5 songs but they were such good quality.

User Info: StarGoy

4 years ago#2
It's between Street Fighter 2, Soul Calibur, and Golden Axe.

User Info: richboy900

4 years ago#3
The early tekken games like tekken 2 and 3 on ps1. Each character in t2 had their own theme and music, my personal favourite being the 'chicago'/lee chaolan theme in tekken and tekken 2. Every stage had a remix as well known as arrange which was cool.

Also the secret garden theme from tekken 5, its a cool dnb like track.

Another was when I downloaded the pirates alcove theme from soul calibur 2 and played the song when playing battlefield 1942 (pc) / 1943 (xbox 360) while flying the old ww2 planes. It fits so well, you should check pirate alcove (soul calibur 2) on youtube and imagine dog fighting to that tune its epic.

User Info: baueris24

4 years ago#4
Grand Theft Auto Vice City had some good songs. There's some radio stations on there that I wouldn't listen to (for instance I can't stand rap!) but there were other stations that were good.

Also Final Fantasy 7 had some catchy tunes.

User Info: glassghost0

4 years ago#5
I don't have a favorite.

Do the GTA games even count? If so, definitely them.

But I have to give praise to Max Payne 3's soundtrack, and RDR's

The choice of music mixed with the right moments in the game were amazing ^
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User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#6
Lets get the elephant out of the room. Nier.
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User Info: devilken

4 years ago#7
Final fantasy 4,6,7
Donkey kong country 2
Perfect dark
Command and conquer

Those are my favorites off the top of my head.
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User Info: yankeemarksman

4 years ago#8
Halo, you can listen to it as a piece of music in its own right. Especially when you have the CD.
Also a nice short theme soundtrack is the temple of time from Legend of Zelda, just leave it on loop.
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User Info: Enix Belmont

Enix Belmont
4 years ago#9
Persona 4
Megaman 3+9
Megaman X1
Casltevania: Harmony of Despair(GREAT remixes of most of my favorite tunes if you bought all the DLC like me)

If I had to pick just one, no game really makes me nostalgia as hard as FF7's soundtrack, so probably that or megaman 3.
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User Info: Merc123

4 years ago#10
If they count The Tony Hawk games win, not sure which one was my favorite but they wen't crazy with the amount of songs on there and it shaped my musical taste alot by exposing me to different bands i might have never heard of.
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