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How about a Bane video game ?

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User Info: Somnambulistic

4 years ago#31
I want a freeroam game as Venom before any other villains/antiheroes get some light.

I'd say Carnage but...well...we have Prototype. That and he's overrated.
Defiance will continue to be a fantastic show as long as Julie Benz continues to wear tight pants.

User Info: BrutalBrocken

4 years ago#32
Now a Joker game could be great, hell one of levels could almost be like the bank robbing level in Payday: The Heist.
Maybe make him just demented as hell. running around stabbing and killing people, making love to Harley, and beating Robin with a crowbar.
What a fun game
1 Brocken to rule them all!!
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User Info: art_of_the_kill

4 years ago#33
nothingbeast posted...
Just think of any Batman movie by Schumacher as part of the DC Multiverse we're free to ignore completely.

Meh. Batman: Forever was one of my favorite movies as a kid. Even if I were to watch it today, I would still think highly of it. It's campy, it's ridiculous, but it's a classic to me.

To be honest, Tim Burton's movies always felt more ridiculous to me, particularly Batman: Returns. I like them, but I'm not a big fan of their dark tone.

Batman & Robin, though? Always hated it, even as a kid.
"You've lost this argument!"
--- John Marston while lassoing/hogtying someone. Favorite quote this gen.

User Info: Homie_202

4 years ago#34
I would play a bane game maybe as long as its not the bane from the most recent movie. Good god is he terrible thats not even bane. I would prefer a joker or dead shot game personally.
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