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How Many Years Have You Had Gold...

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User Info: Kreeping Death

Kreeping Death
4 years ago#41
In the 7 or so years that I've had my xbox, I've had gold for less than 1 year total. My GS is 85406.
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User Info: Garatuzo

4 years ago#42
0 years.

20K GS

User Info: The Bad Guy

The Bad Guy
4 years ago#43
Never had gold, my main account doesn't even have live at all, it's a completely offline account

just passed 8000 gs a week or so back, not that it matters at all

User Info: lol_Internets1

4 years ago#44
8 years although it says 6 for some reason.
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User Info: electroflame

4 years ago#45
I've had Gold for ~10 years with a Gamescore of ~160,000
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User Info: FFG_Harness

4 years ago#46
Since launch till about 2 months ago.
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User Info: MatrixAndrAIa

4 years ago#47
I got Live near the end of 2004 on the original XBox. Had a 360 since spring 2006, so officially I've had Gold since then.

My gamer score is in the mid 37,000s.
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User Info: Zanaki

4 years ago#48
Winterstar posted...
I'm coming up on 10 years.

Ah, so close to that xbox360, wonder if they'll keep giving stuff like that out?
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User Info: Mander1861

4 years ago#49
Since XBox had Xbox live.
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User Info: Bud2003

4 years ago#50
10 and 16k
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