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Dark Souls 2. Be worried. Be very...worried.

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User Info: ThugETH

4 years ago#91
In the latest issue of gamestm uk there is an interview with the devs who say they are building the game for the hardcore and that the accessible term was taken out of context.

The interview says everything perfectly and I can't wait to get this game.

If anyone wants me too I'll type it up:

Yui Tanimura:

"Yes, so we did use the word accessible - by all means we did not intend for that to be communicated as making the game easier, in case you were worried.
That was the primary concern for the sequel's unveiling last year, as hardened veterans panicked about a neutered challenge waiting within the ambitious sequel, such is the dread that is inspired within hardcore gamers upon use of the word 'accessible'."

From Software relays to us that this is a sequel created for those who endured weeks and weeks of death to conquer the 2011 original.

"So we apologize for casually using the world accessible please understand that the difficulty will maintain."

There is a few pages of interview but that's the meat I wanted to hear.
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