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Xbox dessertion/migration topic

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4 years ago#41
From: HighwayPilot | #039
ATARIJAWA posted...
From: tr1bes | #034
I own most all the ps systems. I was waiting for the xbox to see if they will pull me over but I am highly disappointed.

We can play used games but for a fee as high as a full game price. that mean I can't let anyone play my collection of games w/out paying a fee. Have to be online majority of the time to register your new game and other things. The conference did not bring out any exclusives I wanted. NO BIG GUN ON THE SHOW.

I saw the ps4 conference and it's way better than this. I will stick w/ Sony all the way now. If Sony ever do this, I will not buy the next gen console. I will go back and play my snes, gen, dreamcast, Saturn, ps1, ps2 and ps3.

You only have to connect to the internet once per 24 hours. Shouldn't be a problem for even people with terrible internet and low caps to connect for a minute or two.
Do you need a Live subscription for that once per 24 hours requirement?

I'm 95% sure you don't need a Live Subscription.
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User Info: ScottlinDLR

4 years ago#42
I abandoned the 360 back in 2011 when they were about to go through a major downfall. I now have and always will have a PC. I won't go console ever again unless they have something truly amazing for an exclusive.

User Info: DragonLW

4 years ago#43
Hm.. well first I have all three of the last generation... and the one before that, and all two of the one before that so I've never been an exclusive console owner (and at that point I had a pc too since I could afford to keep on up to date). That last generation it was all pretty much the 360 for my purchases though because my family wanted to use my wii for various things and the ps3 didn't have anything that interested me ((in fact I just bought mine last Christmas)). As such I have no particular console loyalty and find the concept mostly laughable however I am not amused at what it looks like the next generation will contain on any front.

At this point in time it looks like WiiU is the only current console I'm even giving thought to unless Sony can wow me at E3. The Xbox One had almost nothing but downsides for me starting at the necessity of using the kinect and getting worse until it reached unacceptable with that drm rubbish. I don't have the kind of room that is needed to use kinect and I have had nothing but negative experiences with drm interfering with legitimate uses of my already owned products.
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User Info: krazy168

4 years ago#44
It's time to join the PC master race.
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User Info: GGearX

4 years ago#45
I left Nintendo after being with then since the N64 era. The Wii was for stupid causal games. I loved the 360. But lately they seem too arrogant and overconfident In the way they announce things.

"here. Let me show you that again " .

And they announced that kinetic is mandatory for every console. That's just stupid. Think about it for a bit. They are going to Sacrafice better specs just to have kinect. And the price might be higher as well. 500GB and blue ray.
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User Info: UNSC_A98

4 years ago#46
mystic belmont posted...
I'll probably stick to PC gaming/wait for Microsoft to rethink it's strategy.

Same until a halo comes out for it
Gave up on nintendo after n64, and I'm not interested in any sony exclusives
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User Info: UchihaShinobi

4 years ago#47
PS4 will probably come with something similar and people will be all boohoo again. Not being able to play used games isn't THAT much of a problem is it? I mean you can't do that on the PC aswell. Consoles are still an awesome experience next to PC gaming.
That being said; I own both a 360 and PS3. The online experience on the PS3 is just absolutely horrible compared to the xbl. Sure you pay like 36 euro for a year, but I'm totally willing to do that cause it's just worth it. Also I like the controller better on the 360.

If however PS4 releases without all the "downsides" of the XBO, then ofcourse I'll greatly consider migrating to sony. I just have NEVER been excited about ANY of sony's consoles tbh. Just had to get a PS3 for MGS4, but MGS is a crossover now so meh. Not that I care about any of the exclusives on the 360 side tho. It's pretty much the online experience that will be the deciding factor for me in this matter.

User Info: Boogs34

4 years ago#48
Gunvalkyrie2 posted...
IF I bought it would be PS4 - but I'm just sticking with my 360 and PS3 --

do you have any idea how many awesome games I've ONLY played through ONCE? I Have a lot of adventures to relive - the Xbox One can suck it - and I say that as a BIG XBOT Fanboy. Pains me.

I think there's a lot of overreaction. We'll really have to wait and see what games are offered and in what way. And what system that will deliver it on.

User Info: J2006

4 years ago#49
The only games I'm truly looking forward to are Fallout and Elder Scrolls games, and hopefully they will continue to be multiplat, so I'll wait and get whatever system seems to being doing better by the time Fallout 4 comes out.

Right now I'm leaning more toward PS4 because the XB1 seems to have stipulations attached to it, like having to sign at least once every 24 hours. As much as I play games, I don't play every day.

What I might end up doing is finally get a good gaming PC, and maybe get a PS4, and skip XB1, but that remains to be seen.
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User Info: NejiHyuga900

4 years ago#50
I'm still keeping my Xbox 360 but I will be going for Wii U + PS4 in the 8th gen but my cousin would most likely get the Xbox One since he is blinded.
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