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Can anyone explain why I keep getting this "unable to read save data" message?

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  3. Can anyone explain why I keep getting this "unable to read save data" message?

User Info: SequentialSword

4 years ago#1
First off my hard drive works fine, this only comes up when I load up metal gear rising. Since I had to make a European account to obtain exclusive dlc not available to NA. My friend used my European account as well to get the exclusive dlc but he is not getting any error messages and I am :/ anyone have any idea what's going on? Also when I sign the European account in I can access the dlc without that error message but when I try to use my main profile it can't read the dlc? Again my friend got it to work for him but not me :(
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User Info: Super Creatures

Super Creatures
4 years ago#2
Because your save file is now dependent on the DLC, but you can't load the DLC because your console does not have the license for it (by the sounds of it, your friend's console does), and you aren't signed into the account that owns the content.

This is why it isn't an issue for the account that does own the content, it has the roaming (account) license for that content, so can use it whiled connected to XBL, on any console.

If you have a way to do it, you can get it to work by playing while your European account is signed into a second controller not being used to play, otherwise, you are going to have to do a license transfer to get the console license onto your console, however, this can potentially cause your friend to no longer be able to access the DLC, and cause the same problem you are having for him, since his console will no longer have the console license.

However, the console license may only be updated whenever you actually download the content onto that console, so, as long as he doesn't delete the DLC, it may still be usable, even though the console doesn't technically still have the license, since that information won't have been updated, but, it may update the license data at other times as well, not just when you redownload the content.
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  3. Can anyone explain why I keep getting this "unable to read save data" message?

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