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Is 78,460 gamerscore decent?

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User Info: videogameking33

4 years ago#71
I say that is pretty good....I have 97,930 myself
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User Info: HandGod

4 years ago#72
I'm approaching 20k slowly, but admittedly my progress was halted for two reasons. One being that I was without an Xbox 360 for a couple years, and instead had a PS3. Which more or less leads to two being that I was burnt out on trophy collecting that by the time I came back to the 360, and I had a hard time managing the motivation and drive to complete the games I was buying.

I have, like, 32 platinum trophies, so that's kind of the equivalent of 32k (give or take with DLC), so you can say that the joint effort is a ~50k accumulation, but as others have said in this topic, it's more about completion ratio and whether or not you are just playing terrible games to get a high gamerscore. My completion ratio upon getting my 360 back is, personally, terrible. I have a huge backlog to manage, and right now I'm just trying to get all the storylines of my games completed, nevermind the actual achievements.

User Info: ALLENO31

4 years ago#73
Air_Deleter posted...
ALLENO31 posted...
I'm going for 100,000 gamerscore for next gen being released

I passed 100k not too long ago. Finishing off Sleeping Dogs, and am currently at 101,485. I would definitely think 78,460 is above the average.

And just did a quick search, and got this:

Average (in March 2011) was 11,286.

Ah thanks man.

@Venomscarnage Yea for some reason i seem to be losing interest in Gamerscore but im determined to get to 100,000.

Update: Im now at 78,670 (thanks Bioshock infinite)
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