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Fable 3 is a fantastic game.

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User Info: Mumble_

4 years ago#1
Haven't had this much fun in a long time. The fact that practically everyone of my friends has it makes it even better. Should I buy Fable 1 and 2 if I enjoy this game? Do they have co-op?

User Info: DarkSymbiote

4 years ago#2
That poor lion.

Tro lolololo lolo lolololo lolo lolololololo...
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User Info: lostnumberwar

4 years ago#3
They are far superior.
1 doesn't have co-op but 2 does.

User Info: LatchKeyKid

4 years ago#4
Fable 3 is a good game, but I feel 2 is way better single player wise. 2 does have co op but it is not as good as 3's, with you and your partner having to share a screen... The original is also very good and is getting a remake apparently so I'd wait for that.
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User Info: JessofBlades

4 years ago#5
3 has the best story, and the NPCs you get the most invested in
2 has the best customization, gameplay, and s*** to do in the world. 3 was such a massive disappointment in all three of those in comparison.
1 is still a lot of fun, wait for HD
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User Info: Mumble_

4 years ago#6
Is there a chance that Fable 1 HD will have coop?

User Info: FlyEaglesFly24

4 years ago#7 must have poor standards. The game is terrible.
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User Info: CaffineRush

4 years ago#8
Loved this game
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User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#9
AApt24 posted... must have poor standards. The game is terrible.

What's your favorite game?
It's terrible. You like bad games. Go wolf down a frank.
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